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The Definitive Guide To Scoring Mini Beauty Products And Hello, Little MAC!

They’re little but they pack all the magic!

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Mini is the way we’re rushing into 2018 guys. Mini Cooper, mini bites (our vote goes for quiches!) and now, mini beauty products. We’ll be honest, mini is much more than you need in today’s context. One, you save money. Two, you can try something and not regret throwing it out if it doesn’t work for you and three, they’re cute as hell! But the biggest advantage you have when you buy these tiny bundles of joy is the fact that you can slip them into your pocket, throw them in a travel bag with ease and oh, not cry if you lose them in a hotel room. So when we heard that our favourite brand, M.A.C launched the #LittleMAC collection, we were jumping with joy. Because hello, having a mini MAC Ruby Woo in your bag is an event that translates to epic proportions. And well, as the gods at MAC launched their goodies on Nykaa and across stores, we decided to give you a handsy guide on what to pick up. Here are our favourites, all priced between 900-1000 bucks, hallelujah!

Little MAC - runway squareMehr Lipstick, Rs. 900

At Rs 900, they’re a steal. And Mehr, the lipstick that Mickey Contractor happily introduced to us is the classic, all-time pink shade you do need when you’re slipping into something cute on the plane. It’s subtle, effortless and very approachable as a hue and a universal pink that suits every Indian skin tone.

Strobe Cream, Rs. 900

Star product and gives you such a glow – just use it in your foundation or under it. Brightens your face in a jiffy and you get 30ml. Score!


Little MAC - pigment in tan - runway squarePigment In Tan, Rs. 900

Party in a tiny bottle – this one’s particularly engaging during the festive time.


Little MAC

Prep + Prime Fix+ , Rs. 1000

The holy grail of primers – spritz a little and it goes a long way in keeping your makeup happy and your skin glowing.


Little MACsDemi Wipes, Rs. 1000

These wipes are a lifesaver! Now when you need to remove makeup on the go, just reach out to little Little MAC pack get rid of even the slightest hint of makeup.

All these beauties are available on Nykaa.

Apart from M.A.C, we realized the mini world is much larger than you can fathom and cherry-picked a few things that you’d like to buy #longliveminis

Stowaway Cosmetics is a label we heard about when casually browsing the internets for minis – these products are tiny, they fit into the palm of your hand and they’re cute!

Sephora Minis is a new section that houses star Sephora products in mini form. Our picks: The Milk Makeup Cooling Water, the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder; Nars Creamy concealer (A star!); Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop (perfect for Indian skin tones) and Farsali Unicorn Essence. 

PAC is India’s new millennial label with high-quality pigments, lipsticks and beauty tools. They just launched their mini matte liquid lipstick packs (Much like the Huda ones) on Amazon. Priced at Rs 1275, they’re just perfect!

B:Blunt Minis are already well-known in the market. They have their star products in mini form – the Dry Shampoo in particular.

Offers & Discounts: Plus, the biggest, most credible way to score minis is to follow offers and discounts at the store. The bigger retailers like Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clarins and Clinique offer mini sizes of their star products if you buy something at the store.

Hello! The Runway Square team is excited that you’re here and we would love to hear what you have to say about this story. Leave a comment below or holler at us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram :*

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