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Meet Rajshree Pathy, The Founder of Qi Ayurveda who lives and breathes the Indian holistic science

Unravel the innovative fusion of Ayurvedic traditions and Swiss botanical actives

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Rajshree Pathy, Founder - Qi Ayurveda

In today’s real and reel world, a more elevated and holistic approach to wellness is imperative to comprehensively rejuvenate and nurture your skin, body, and hair. And Qi Ayurveda – introduced in India last month by the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Rajshree Pathy – amalgamates the goodness of centuries-old ayurvedic traditions with cutting-edge Swiss innovation to give us a range of haircare and skincare with a promise of vitally rejuvenating sensory experience. With decades of commitment and experience in Ayurveda, the journey of Qi Ayurveda essentially begins with Pathy’s childhood, which was steeped in traditional wellness practices that included therapeutic Sunday ritual of hot oil massages and herbal baths of steeped eucalyptus leaves and vetiver roots and the many visits to the centuries-old institutions – like the Coimbatore Arya Veda Pharmacy and Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal with her mother. This extensive understanding and exploration of ancient wellness sciences by Pathy has resulted in the ethos of Qi Ayurveda being inspired by the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit. In conversation with Runway Square, she unravels the world of Qi Ayurveda and the distinctive powers of its haircare range with plant-based, science-backed blends that transform your hair at a cellular level.

Rajshree Pathy, Founder – Qi Ayurveda

Runway Square: What differentiates Qi Ayurveda from other Ayurvedic beauty brands?
Rajshree Pathy: The benefits of ayurveda medicine on our health and well-being are more relevant than ever as they significantly counteract the impact of modern lifestyles on our sleep, stress, and nutrition – as well as our social, mental, and emotional well-being. However, it takes much longer and requires more self-discipline to get the best out of Ayurvedic practices. With Qi Ayurveda what I have done is to take the best out of two systems – the ancient and the modern – to formulate a product that is much more relevant for current lifestyles.
Switzerland stands out for its reputation for purity and integrity. Their certifications are one of the best in the world. I did not look anywhere except in Switzerland to work on this alchemy of combining these sciences. I did not want to compromise on quality. 

RS: We noticed that the Qi Ayurveda oils remain true to the original combinations for hair solutions with shampoos and conditioners featuring botanical actives. What was the reason behind that decision?
RP: We identified four of the most potent ayurvedic hair oils which have proved over hundreds of years to assist in premature greying, hair loss, dandruff, and hair and scalp nourishment. These four issues confront all of us and are therefore vital. Our oils are pure “thailems” and come to you directly from the “urulis” or metal vessels where they are processed. No carrier oils are added! We developed the shampoos and conditioners with these oils and added Swiss botanical Actives to enhance their natural properties and create a more efficacious product.

RS: While consumers prefer natural/ayurvedic skin and hair products, there are often issues regarding the stability and certifications of some products. How do you plan to tackle that?
RP: All our products are clinically tested. The botanical Actives are all Swiss-certified. Our ayurvedic oils and extracts are all time tested and we have tested them on various ethnic groups. We have not encountered any allergies in our sampling experience. These ingredients are all derived from natural plants and medicinal herbs – nevertheless, we recommend you do a patch test to ensure that the individual does not have any adverse reaction.

RS: What can we see more from Qi Ayurveda? And when?
RP: We have already formulated products for haircare, skincare and face care for release over the next 24 months. We will be slowly creating brand awareness and releasing these products over this period. 

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