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10 Crystal Beauty Products To Add To Your Dresser For A Healing Radiance

Add a little magic into your routine!

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With holistic lifestyle on the rise, everything from DIY methods to essential oils, and crystal therapy has been gaining traction. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the crystal craze has spread to the beauty world, especially since crystal face rollers and Gua Sha tools have been ruling the skincare regimes around the world. So, while these high-vibe healers earlier resided in your pockets or on your desks and bedside tables, they now reside in essential cosmetic creations as well.

crystal beauty
(L-R) Briogeo Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Comb Rs.11.051, Aether Beauty Crystal Grid Gemstone Eyeshadow Palette Rs.4006.10, NUI Jade Eye Mask Rs.5300

From rose quartz to topaz, from amethyst to malachite – you can find these pure crystal and gem extracts added to everything from hair combs to eye masks, from face masks to eyeshadow palettes, and serums. Like Briogeo rose quartz crystal energy comb, Aether Beauty crystal grid gemstone eyeshadow palette or our favourite Glossier Haloscope highlighter. While some brands like NUI and Girl Undiscovered are tapping into the crystal’s enchanting energy with their jade eye mask and cleansing water respectively, they are also being used for skin radiance and rejuvenation like in Herbivore amethyst exfoliating body polish or Tata Harper clarifying mask. And either way, we are totally into the crystal craze.

crystal beauty
(L-R) Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask Rs.9670.30 , Tata Harper Clarifying Mask Rs.4972, Herbivore Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish Rs.3040, Odacite All Embracing Serum Rs.7979

So if you are looking to add a little dazzle to your routine on a daily basis, there isn’t a better option than these glistening crystal beauty products.
(And well, don’t forget to share your enchanting experiences with us.)

crystal beauty
(L-R) Girl Undiscovered Under the Waterfall Cleansing Water Rs.3023.60, Glossier Haloscope Dew Effect Highighter Rs.1520 , Sephora Collection Crystal Serum Roller Amethyst Rs.690

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