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5 Indian Fashion Brands That Are Defining The 2022 Style

From vivid palette to modern Indian aesthetics and distinctive designs – they have it all.

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RIGU, Image Courtesy: Rigu/Instagram

From 2020 as the loungewear year to 1970s flower child and 1920s flapper style, we have often defined years, decades, and centuries with key sartorial sentiments. And well, having made it to the halfway point of the year, we think 2022 can be defined by several reigning sartorial sentiments – from Y2K revival to sexy dressing, from all things comfort to dopamine dressing – thanks to the diversity and short attention span of the world of Instagram (and Tik-Tok). Besides a myriad of style choices, designers and brands from far and wide can also be seen, heard, and found from the depths of Instagram today. I mean, when was the last time you discovered a brand from your Instagram feed? Oh! We discovered two upcoming labels yesterday. This dynamic digital space has given way to a new wave of local and global designers that are continuously defining the 2022 aesthetic with sustainability, gender fluidity, inclusivity, and tradition at the core of their narrative. And ahead, we have five Indian designers and brands making the 2022 style ultra-covetable for real and reel life.


Prxkhxr indian fashion 2022
Roman Shirt, Image: Prxkhxr/Instagram

Rooted in the love of riotous prints and comfortable clothing, Prxkhxr was launched by Prakhar Chauhan in 2019. While prints are the main asset of the brand and developed in-house (by taking inspiration from animals, flowers, art, music, and even the works of Satyajit Ray, Dries Van Noten, and Rick Owens), relaxed and refined silhouettes are majorly constructed in handwoven khadi cotton. Amidst their one-of-a-kind breezy and boxy designs, their diverse range of unisex shirts happens to be on every fashion connoisseur’s radar to inject a hint of whimsy into the daily basics. And honestly, we have our print-addicted fashion heart and eyes on the ‘Roman’ shirt. What about you?


Rigu Indian fashion 2022
Paris Stamp Print Co-Ord, Image: RIGU/Instagram

With effortlessly feminine designs highlighted with bold and bright ombre tie-dye and eccentric prints (inspired by stamps, world map, paint splatter, ikat, and more), Rigu celebrates minimalist aesthetics with maximalist drama. Not just that, Rigu offers an update for the wardrobe of contemporary women with everyday luxury that transcends seasons, courtesy of laidback yet luxe silhouettes crafted in handloom fabrics, organza, vegan silk, and organic denim. And in case, you are feeling some vacation blues with European summer content all over the ‘gram, find some bliss with Rigu’s Paris stamp print co-ord and wait for that visa appointment.


november noon Indian fashion 2022
Citrus Heat Dress, Image: November Noon/Instagram

Founded in 2020 by Deepak Shah of Shah Narayan Das & Co. ( a family-run trade craft), November Noon experiments and explores Benarasi textiles and craft techniques to weave an experience that takes the mass gaze away from its perceived commercial utility for occasion wear. To establish a contemporary sartorial template of Benaras’s loom and thread legacy, each of their design creates a balance of the past and the present, modern and traditional, and global and local with simple cuts, sharp tailoring, and a vibrant palette. Like Canopy Overlay in handwoven Tancho Jaal silk satin fabric, Citrus Heat Dress in handwoven silk with gold Zari, Dragonfly Emerald Kaftan in silk handwoven using Kadua technique with gold Zari dragonfly motifs among other easy elegant separates.


Maschiccio Indian fashion 2022
Red Caesar Shirt, Image: Maschiaccio/Instagram

An oversized shirt indicates the assassination of Julius Caesar through its print. A statement trench coat resembles the splendid Turkish carpets. Well, such is the dramatic allure of Maschiaccio.
Meaning tomboy in Italian, Maschiaccio (by Sana Bhatia) is centred around story-telling through gender-fluid designs – utilizing clean, simple silhouettes and maximal, evocative prints. From Ides Of March to Montagu and Qui Jin, each collection draws on historical figures of strength, intrigue, and value from across the world while adhering to the brand ideology of decolonizing and decentralizing fashion and art. Oh! And they have a summer sale going on till 3o June’22, so do get yourself a wonderful piece of clothing that also happens to be a gorgeous piece of art.


Āroka Indian fashion 2022
Aurora Borealis Dress, Image: Āroka/Instagram

A glance through Āroka’s Instagram, and you’ll be drooling over your screens -thanks to sensual, elegant, and ethically-made designs. Ever since the launch in 2019, Shweta Agarwal and Karan Ahuja have constantly celebrated the balance between distressed and refined with layered textures, exaggerated cut-outs, and clean silhouettes. While they are one of the pioneers of the 2022 ‘sexy and proud’ fashion moment, they remain committed to delivering the best for us, the artisans, and the earth through fair trade philosophy and sustainable practices across design, production, and packaging. And yes, choose the Matrix Overlay or Aurora Borealis Dress, if you are looking to serve sass, sexiness, and sophistication all at once.

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