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5 Things To Know About Mumbai’s Terminal 2

Celebrating 5 years of Mumbai’s Terminal 2

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CSIA Mumbai Terminal 2, Image Source: CSIA Mumbai, Instagram

On the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) Mumbai‘s 5th anniversary, we explored every nook and corner and found out the following interesting facts:

1.It offers an exclusive service called Pranaam that helps you navigate the airport in luxury. Their team helps you check-in, take care of your luggage, drive you around in a buggy, help you shop at Duty Free and give you access to  the Luxurious GVK Lounge. You can sign up for the service while booking your tickets. It’s often used by celebrities but it’s open to all, whether you’re travelling as an individual or a family or a large group.

2. The GVK Lounge at Mumbai’s Terminal 2 is amongst the best in the world. It has won many International accolades for the hospitality, food and delicious cocktails. The cocktails served at the GVK Lounge are curated with love using fabulous Indian flavours. you are sure not to find them anywhere else.

3. You can always pre-order what you wish to buy from the Duty Free and pick it up from the arrival section on return. P.S. the only place to buy Burberry makeup in India is CSIA Terminal 2.

CSIA Mumbai

Burberry, CSIA Mumbai Terminal 2

4. The airport also houses Spa Express by Heaven on Earth which has an extra section inside the GVK Lounge for members. The spa hires several differently-abled staff, who from our experience we can tell you are incredibly talented at their craft.

5. The art showcase at CSIA Terminal 2 have many lovely stories to tell. For example – a large patchwork mural created by underprivileged women and the massive cobweb created created with plastic price tag loops. They also do special tours and workshops for underprivileged children to inspire them to take up art. You can book a tour before landing and a team member will take you through every masterpiece in detail. Trust us, it’s worth it.

So, the next time when you travel in and out of Mumbai, make sure to catch up on some magnificent art or indulge yourself with a spa session or a cocktail (or two) at the GVK Lounge. And don’t forget to book Pranaam service for a hassle-free and indulging experience at CSIA Mumbai, like never before.

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