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6 Indian Men Share The Perfumes That Evoke Their Strongest Memories

Teleporting to the beautiful world of lost moments

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Has a single sniff of a certain fragrance ever transported you to your most precious moments? Be it a summer vacation from your childhood, dancing in the rain or just a special someone – a scent can bring to life the time long gone. Like the sweet fragrance of Jasmine always reminds me of my childhood and many, many gajras brought from vendors at India Gate.

Well, the strong and powerful connection between smell and memory is certainly undeniable. So, with this in mind, we asked some of the finest Indian men to share their favourite fragrances and the memories associated with that scent. Go ahead and take a read through their sweetest and most loving memories. But remember, the memories, the feelings, the truth never fade – it’s just the scent that disappears. (Also, feel free to share your favourite fragrances, too!)

Akshay Tyagi, Celebrity Fashion Stylist

akshay tyagi
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Artisan by John Varvatos is my most favourite fragrance for its fresh, distinctive and masculine scent. And it always teleports me to bustling streets of London on a sunny day.”

Gaurav Khanijo, Menswear Designer & Founder – KHANIJO

gaurav khanijo
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“Your smell can either drive someone away or pull someone closer to you, but smelling bad is never an option. My favourite fragrances are BLEU DE CHANEL and Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense by Jo Malone. And on my recent trip to Paris, I discovered a label called I AM TRASH which does an amazing job of making fragrances from garbage and leftovers. Quite an appealing and yum concept! So, I got Les Fleurs du Déchet by I AM TRASH – with its upcycled apple, rose and atlas cedarwood notes – for myself and it’s on my favourites’ list as well.”

Chetan Jaikishan, Director – Express Foods Pvt. Ltd.

chetan jaikishan
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“My favourite fragrances are Original Vetiver by Creed and Acqua di Parma Leather. Both are unique fragrances with masculine yet not so overpowering scent that evoke memories of a favourite holiday.”

Varun Rana, Fashion Journalist

varun rana
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“One of my most enduringly beloved fragrances is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. Launched in 2006 it’s marketed as a women’s perfume, but that hasn’t stopped me from loving, buying, and wearing it over the years.
I have an intense memory of first smelling it on someone I was dating (around 2008). I remember it rubbed off on me once when we were making love, and then, when we went out later in the evening, it stayed with me. Since then, Black Orchid has reminded me of that insanely beautiful time in my life, and I wear it often.”

Tejeshwar Sandhoo, Men’s Lifestyle Blogger – Blueberry Blackout

blueberry blaackout
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“So one of the perfumes I’ve been using for the longest time is Gucci Guilty. I always have to have this perfume in my collection at all times. It gives me this sense of confidence which no other scent has ever given me. This one time, a friend came over to my place to pick up some clothes and head out for a party, he borrowed this perfume for the night and came back to me after a month with a new bottle because he had fallen in love with it too and used the leftover bottle completely!”

Sahil Marwaha, Partner & Co-Founder – Beam & Words

sahil marwaha
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“My current favourite fragrances are Ralph Lauren Big Pony No.1, which is perfect for daytime with its super summery and fresh scent, and Ralph Lauren Romance, which is perfect fit for night courtesy it’s strong, smooth, and not so overpowering scent.”

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