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6 Jewellery Brands That We Are Currently Obsessed With

From whimsical earring to delicate layer necklaces, these jewellery brands serve all kinds of breathtaking baubles.

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Neha Singh for Lune, Image Courtesy: @shoplune/Instagram

Be it rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets – I just can’t stop fawning over the many adornments and have slowly managed to grow my own collection over the years. Well, to put in a gist – I love jewellery! And why shouldn’t one?! After all, jewellery can make or break a look regardless of whether your style is biased towards timeless baubles or the trendier ones. And with exceptionally creative designers and brands redefining the current jewellery scenario, it’s time for us to update our jewellery boxes with some effortless pieces that add to the existing beauty of an outfit. Ahead, discover six jewellery brands that we are currently obsessing over for their artsy earrings, delicate necklaces, statement rings and all other dazzling baubles.

Launched in 2018 by Delhi-based stylist Arushi Parekh, Melt scarps out the stereotypes associated with the quintessential silver and gold jewellery and lends it a modern aesthetic by melding it with offbeat materials such as lava, wood and enamel. Besides the modern, minimal and wearable designs, Melt’s visual imagery holds our attention; the beautiful contrast between bright, saturated hues and the subtle glow of geometric silhouettes. From lightweight hoops to cube rings, from block lava necklace to swing earrings – everything deserves a place in your jewel box, especially since each of them has been designed as an extension of wearer’s body and identity.

While Olio started their journey as a clothing label with designs that celebrated memory, art and geometry with clean lines and whimsical details, they shook the jewellery industry when they relaunched as ‘modern heirloom’ creators. From their debut stories centered around everyday pieces and coins from different countries and/or eras to the unusually festive collection – DEVI, co-founders Aashna Singh and Sneha Saksena have stuck to their differentiated design aesthetics to create versatile and detail-oriented pieces with a hint of nostalgia such a Ghunghroo earrings, Nur choker and much in-trend chunky link baubles.

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Launched in 2014, Alighieri is a collection of modern heirlooms inspired by the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy; each jewellery piece corresponds to one of his 100 poems. Rooted in literature and travel, Rosh Mahtani shares a story of whirlwind adventures, battered creatures and imperfect landscapes with her designs. Among her many gold-plated antique-style pieces, there’s a lion medallion and each person who buys the medallion becomes a member of Alighieri’s lion club – a lifestyle community that hosts a variety of events and holistic retreats. While Alighieri’s success is truly an inspiration for entrepreneurs, it also points out a fascinating realization that these battered jewellery pieces have not just contributed to creating a holistic community, but even prompted people to go back to reading (even if it’s just to know more about Dante).

Inspired by the ever-changing nature and the movements in our surroundings, Swati Khatuwala founded her label – Kira to create handcrafted, statement yet subtle jewellery. These conversation starters strike a perfect balance of raw and refine, bold and minimal, and versatile and expressive. Amidst their one of a kind textural designs, their diverse range of delicate, whimsical earrings makes our hearts skip a beat. Well, who wouldn’t love a pair of curvy baroque pearl earrings?! We certainly do.

With designs in silver, solid gold and reclaimed brass with gold plating, Lune celebrates the mystic child in everyone through its effortless, layering-worthy celestial pieces. Not just that, Sreesha Shetty has managed to turn this women-led label into a community of passionate and distinguished women with #LadiesOfLune series. And adding another milestone to its journey, they opened their first flagship in Mumbai last year, thereby giving everyone an opportunity to indulge in some fresh, fabulous and functional jewellery (and furniture too!) and shaping their blissful aesthetic into an experience.

Amidst these contemporary labels, we have Pennisi with its breathtakingly rich and luxurious collection of antique jewels and objects. And a quick glance through its Instagram will make it easier for you to believe that Pennisi is a name that has been synonymous with superlative antique and vintage jewellery in Milan and around the fashion world for almost 50 years. Founded by diamond dealer Giovanni Pennisi, it’s now run by the third generation and has an extensive jewellery collection from 18th century onwards along with a particularly focused Art Deco collection. And well, Pennisi happens to have admirers that are as magnificent at its jewel collection such as Rihanna, Madonna, Miuccia Prada, Marc Jacobs and many more. Oh! Count us as well among its many admirers after all no one can be saved from the enchanting spell of antique jewels.

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