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6 Must-Visit High-Jewelry Boutiques on Place Vendôme

Gucci’s first jewelry store is in some fabulous company!

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Place Vendôme, Paris

Built to celebrate the successes of the army of King Louis XIV, Place Vendôme is today considered the epitome of high jewelry all over the world. It’s the French extravagance and exclusivity that has always attracted the leading luxury brands from across the globe to call this iconic square their home. From the most prestigious French fine jewelry brands (like Cartier & Chaumet) to the best international names (like Gucci, Louis Vuitton & more), everyone agrees that there is no better location in Paris or even the world for sheer opulence. And to help you find your perfect jewelry souvenir on your next trip to Paris, we have listed some of the most magnificent high jewelry boutiques on Place Vendôme.

Cartier, 23 Place Vendôme, Image Courtesy: Fashion Network

A name synonym with Parisian heritage and beauty, Cartier first set up shop at number 23 in 1975. And in a recent renovation spree across the many Cartier stores, Place Vendôme boutique’s new look as a classic Parisian apartment was unveiled in March’19. While the store has been given a soft, feminine and yet a distinctive personality, the ambience still reflects the elegance and prestige of Place Vendôme. Whenever next in Paris, don’t forget to check out this sumptuous boutique for some exceptional jewellery creations or maybe an exclusive Cartier exhibit.

Boucheron, 26 Place Vendôme

It’s been more than 120 years since Frédéric Boucheron established the Place Vendôme boutique with an ‘art de vivre’ spirit. And keeping that spirit preserved and adapted by welcoming clients as if they were in their own home, the Boucheron boutique, today, has a secret door for clients to slip out discreetly and even houses a VIP guest suite operated by the Ritz. I mean, isn’t a relaxing bath with views of Eiffel tower after some mind-blowing shopping a dream? Well, I believe there isn’t really a more luxurious and unburdening shopping experience. 

Van Cleef & Arpels, Place Vendôme

Van Cleef & Arpels
Situated across the road from the Ritz, Van Cleef & Arpels was one of the first jewelers to settle in Place Vendôme in 1906. Since then the boutique has been redesigned and even expanded to 20 and 24 Place Vendôme from the original number 22. Besides offering their clients a world of intimacy, wonder, and glamour to shop the most innovative designs, the house also offers regular jewellery workshops where clients can learn some of their design techniques and/or see the collection of vintage jewellery. Well, I hope they share the details of the Zip Necklace during the workshops or even better if they are about the Alhambra.

CHAUMET Flagship Boutique & Salon, 12 Place Vendôme

Chaumet has been the byword for Parisian fine jewellery since 1780, courtesy commissions by Emperor Napoleon and Empress Josephine. Situated at 12 Place Vendôme, the townhouse incorporates the flagship boutique, the historic Salons, the High Jewelry workshop, and the Creative Studio. While Chaumet’s opulent collection of tiaras and timepieces has been presented in the Salons to illustrate their heritage, the most esteemed symbol of Chaumet’s past – Bourbon-Parma tiara adorns the entrance of the flagship boutique. Not just a place to shop, this prestigious townhouse shares a significant part of French history with its clients.

Chanel, 18 Place Vendôme

Well, did you know that the Chanel Fine Jewelry boutique at number 18 directly faces Coco Chanel’s suite at the Ritz? It isn’t surprising though, since Chanel and Place Vendôme are linked to the very core. Not only Coco Chanel lived at the Ritz since 1937, but even the octagonal cap of the iconic perfume – Chanel No. 5 is inspired by the geometry and proportions of Place Vendome. You know, it’s just a very Parisian connect that you can’t express in words, but only feel in your heart.

Gucci, 16 Place Vendôme , Image Courtesy: Gucci

And since Alessandro Michele surely knows how to make a statement, it’s no surprise that Gucci’s first ever high jewelry collection was launched with a boutique opening on Place Vendôme. Reflecting Michele’s poetic and eclectic vision, the boutique’s design has an understated elegance to complement the colourful vibrancy of jewellery. Gucci’s new boutique truly adds a beautifully distinguished gem to Place Vendôme’s crown.

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