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7 Picturesque Hotels Instagram Travel Bloggers Are Obsessed With

We’ve handpicked the most Instagram-worthy hotels recommended by coolest travel bloggers.

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It’s strange how we travel now. We look at Instagram stories, the most well-shot, well-filtered Insta pictures and bam, you’re booking your tickets to the Yucatan Peninsula in minutes. It’s that simple and so fuss-free. Because who wants brochures y’all when we have Tulum swings on Boomerang. The good thing about finding your sweet spot through Instagram is that the view will never disappoint you, give or take a  few filters. But we’re sneaky guys, so we found other ways that we can find great spots by following our favourite bloggers and the hotels they stay at. Because, staring at the vast expanse at Pamukkale is only okay if you’re spending the night at an Instagram-able hotel. Here’s 7 of them that kick off our holiday this summer.

DoYouTravel: Northern Lights Ranch, Finland


A hot tub in the middle of a snowy forest ❄? @northernlightsranch

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Hello Finland and this time, not the predictable Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort guys. If you think our favourite blogger, Do You Travel’s pictures are anything to go by, you’ll die to get into that hot tub in the middle of a snowy forest at the Northern Lights Ranch at Levi. This unique ranch is the next step in luxury after those igloos. If you’re looking for the right spot for the aurora borealis, this is it. It’s not rustic if that’s what you’re looking at. It’s chic and modern with designer glassware and lighting and those, Sky View Cabins are just lit. There are motorised beds that tilt and each cabin comes with its very own outdoor hot tub.


It’s Camille Co: Kamia Bay Resort, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Well, fashionista and blogger Camille sure knows how to pick ‘em. This one, very popular, very picturesque and so totally on point – The Kamia Bay Resort that’s really all kinds of pretty. It’s seen as the place where VIPs stay and has “almost no guests and loads of privacy” says one review. Perfect for kayaking and jet-skiing and loads of views!

Bruised Passports: The Lalit Resort & Spa, Bekal

Kerala, you beauty. Homegrown and world-renowned bloggers, Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports sure know how to do stay in style. This time, their hotspot for a great stay and pretty pictures is The Lalit Resort & Spa, Bekal in Kerala. You remember the song, Tu Hi Re in the movie Bombay, it’s shot by the sea, near the fort. So you can imagine how cool this must be.

Zeebalife: BahaMar Resorts in Nassau, Bahamas

Okay, this seems to be super popular with bloggers and does come with its own pretty mandate because, well, it’s the Bahamas guys. But the good thing about this beauty, Baha Mar Resorts is that it’s located on a half-mile on the beachfront stretch in Nassau which makes for great morning beach walks and oh, there are food trucks along the way!

Different Doors: Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner

This one’s fit for a queen and…king, the food, the ornate action and the plush interiors – straightaway Instagram love at Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner. Feasts are straight out of the world, this picture especially showcases a French menu served to the Maharaja of Bikaner in 1927. Well, all sorts of feels, right? The Bikaneri culture oozes right out from the comfort of the residence of His Highness Narendra Singh, so it’s about feeling like a real-time queen.

Annie’s Bucket List: Sultan Cave Suites

With all those hot air balloons in the sky and you having brunch at high-noon? That’s the dream. Annie’s Bucket List is one of our all-time favourite spots for lovable pictures and well, Annie makes it her own alright. The Sultan Cave Suites cave rooms that come with traditional antiques. This one’s atop Aydinli Hill and has full views over  Goreme from its Insta-worthy terrace. Really one for the phone camera!

Zorymory: Sujan Luxury

This hotel is an Instagram-ers delight – would you look at the interiors, please? So one our favourite travel ladies ZoryMory travels often to India and has her favourites in tow – Sujan Luxury rates very well on her page. The pretty wallpapering, the pool and the Rajah-feels – this is just what your social media needs.

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