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Anthony Bourdain’s Five Favourite Restaurants On Our Radar! #RSQEats

Visit these and give the man up there a big hi-five.

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We read a Whatsapp forward that tied up everything we felt about Anthony Bourdain in simple words. Don’t mourn the reasons for his death, instead celebrate his life. Am paraphrasing of course but you sometimes have to remember a wonderful soul through his works. At Runway Square, we decided to do exactly that and embrace his favourites and have a meal there and remember him by. Take a look at his favourites and give the man up there a big hi-five coz he lived to eat and helped us take the off-beaten path. RIP Bourdain.

St. John, London

“Make your way through every part of an animal” screams a review – now that looks like prime offering given my love for everything meaty. Gutsy and sophisticated says another review. Best of British cooking, this sweet dining room looks a bit canteen-style and everything is so basic and affordable from what we hear. Go for the Black Cuttlefish, nose-to-tail proper English grub alongside a yummy Welsh Rarebit on White toast and Devilled Kidneys. Most of all, don’t forget the cold roast Middle White Pork with Dandelion and Roasted Bone Marrow – those are the winners. And all of the dishes are pork-centric, a bit of offal and mostly game dishes.
What Bourdain Loves: “It really was the restaurant of my dreams. I loved absolutely everything about it: the attitude, the look, the food, the wine.” – Via The Guardian
Favourite Fare: Roasted Bone Marrow

The French Laundry, Napa Valley, CA

Napa Valley will always have a whimsy vibe and this restaurant is known in the papers for being the best in Cali at $310 a person. Now, that’s something. It’s been ranked on top every year and is lead by chef Thomas Keller. The good thing you ask? The menu changes every day according to what’s available. And you can choose between two prix-fixe menus – the chef’s tasting menu or the vegetable-tasting menu and remember, they don’t repeat a single ingredient throughout the meal. The star dishes are the Salmon Cornets, the Ricotta Basil Anolini with Sugar Snap Peas and Wild King Salmon served with Radishes, English peas, Hen egg mousse, and Bronze fennel. Don’t leave without Thomas Keller’s signature Cinnamon-sugared Doughnuts though.
What Bourdain Loves: “It is the best restaurant in the world, period” – Via The New York Times
Favourite Fare: Salmon Cornets

Sin Huat Eating House, Singapore

Woah, this one’s just too cool to pass up considering it’s closer to India and we’re all about business-tripping there at every excuse. Situated amicably at streets of Geylang at Singapore’s red-light district, this one’s a total winner. Bourdain’s reccos are simple, the Crab Bee Hoon, the Steamed Spotted Cod, and anything with Scallops. From what we hear, the Frogs Legs with Essence of Chicken is super popular too. It might look like a cheap-ish restaurant but don’t fall for that – you pay upwards of 100 USD per person.
What Bourdain Loves: It’s grimy looking, the service can be less than warm, the beer is served in a bottle (often with ice), and the tables sit halfway into the streets of Geylang – Men’s Health
Favourite Fare: Crab Bee Hoon

Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo

Matando a saudade!!!

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This is sad to hear but apparently, Anthony Bourdain always wanted Sushi to be his last meal. Well, then you must check out Sukiyabashi Jiro, a three Michelin star, 15-course tasting menu owned by sushi master Jiro Ono because Tony once remarked that it’s the best sushi experience of his life! Jiro’s sushi is known for its delicacy in every course because three things play an important role here – the perfect time, optimum temperature and pre-dressed sushi. Now, that’s how you do it!
What Bourdain Loves: I’d sit alone for a 22- or 23-course omakase tasting menu and pair it the rarest and expensive sakes.- The Eater
Favourite Fare: Edo-style sushi

Le Bernardin, New York City

Scallop; w Sea beans, Bonito-butter Sauce … @lebernardinny

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Okay, so you cannot do Anthony Bourdain’s favorites without a peek at his favourite city, New York. He has been here hundreds of times and named it the best fish joint he ever ate at. Le Bernardin’s history is something amazing, it is one of only seven restaurants in New York to be awarded three Michelin stars and is known for its Kindai Maguro which is Japanese Bluefin Tuna.
What Bourdain Loves: “This is the best fish joint…anywhere. And it’s relevant and fun, despite its formal service and fine-dining ambiance.” – Men’s Health
Favourite Fare: Wagyu Beef

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