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This Artist’s Doodles Give New Life To Magazine Covers

Brazilian artist Ana Strumpf’s Re.Cover series is all about adding a fun spin to magazine covers with her fabulous doodles. Read on.

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Working in digital publication in no way takes away my love for printed glossies! Every time I pick up a fashion magazine in my hands, it instantly transports me to the land of my dreams where I imagine myself strutting awkwardly on the streets of New York in Prabal Gurung and Oscar de la Renta. I have to say I’m incredibly pensive and intense in my imagination. Does that happen to you? Anyway, what makes me pick up the magazine itself is its cover but sadly I have to often settle for a celebrity’s face splashed over it. Unless it’s W Magazine’s cover with Rihanna (Edward Enninful, you’re my God!), that cover left me speechless. I guess that’s why when I recently discovered Brazilian Artist Ana Strumpf’s Re.Cover series, I was in magazine covers heaven.

What Ana Strumpf does is simply pick up a magazine and give it a new life with her whimsical doodles and patterns. What started off as a simple means to entertain herself while being on long Skype calls for work during her stay in New York soon turned into a full-blown series once she posted them on Instagram. Speaking about her Re.Cover series during an interview, Ana Strumpf said, “The idea to recreate, revisit, recompose is a principle that has permeated all my work for a long time. Since the time I owned my design store, I recycled vintage textiles from my parents’ fabric company and repurposing them as bags, cushions and furniture upholstery. Now, I do it in the form of manual interventions on fashion magazine covers. Now, when the printed press is going through such a strong crisis, I find it’s a playful way to resignify publications that would otherwise end up discarded.”

Here are some of the favourites handpicked by our team, trust me it wasn’t easy! Which one do you like the most?

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