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Chanel Launches Coco Crush Fine Jewellery In India

And yes, it’s our latest crush!

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Coco Crush Fine Jewellery, Image Courtesy: Chanel

Well, you aren’t a true fashion connoisseur if you aren’t familiar with Chanel’s matelassé quilting pattern, after all, this diamond-shaped quilting has been central to Chanel since Gabrielle Chanel adopted it from the equestrian world in 1955. And it has appeared everywhere from the iconic 2.55 bags to couture and, of course, influenced a jewellery collection – COCO CRUSH.

Chanel Coco Crush Ring Beige Gold
Chanel coco crush ring

Embodying the spirit of Gabrielle Chanel, Coco Crush fine jewellery collection debuted in 2015 and included contemporary 18K yellow and white gold rings and cuff bracelets that featured elegant curves and the signature quilted pattern. This collection has since added new designs to the mix, like earrings, necklaces, and bangles; some made from Chanel-exclusive beige gold or set with diamonds. The luxe elegance and simplicity of Chanel have made each new addition feel like an absolute jewel box essential. And the all-new delicate Coco Crush Mini rings are no exception.

chanel coco crush mini rings

With the design that fuses lines and movement, softness and strength, and roundness and rigor, Coco Crush happens to have a simple yet strikingly bold appeal that’s fit for a modern icon. And since the rings and bracelets are stackable, can be easily mixed and matched, or just worn on their own, the sheer versatility further elevates the allure of Coco Crush. In case, you too have been tempted with the dainty yet dramatic allure of these jewels, the good news is Coco Crush is now available at the Chanel Boutique, The Chanakya (New Delhi). So, go ahead and explore Coco Crush to add an intriguing edge to your jewel style, unbound by trends.

chanel coco crush earrings
chanel coco crush bracelet

Images Courtesy: Chanel

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