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Discover The Luxe Efficacy Of Flowers In Haircare With pH Laboratories #RSqReviews

Image : Runway Square

Well, the truth be told haircare happens to be a much-complicated ritual for me than skincare. I’ll be happily ready to introduce a new product/ingredient into my skincare routine, but when it comes to haircare, that’s a strict no-no (courtesy of quite a few failed experiments and little too much love for my hair). So, when pH Laboratories sent over a specially-curated haircare package, I sure was as hesitant as I was excited to introduce them into my haircare routine, after all, they came with a fascinating and fragrant ingredient list, but then SLS and paraben free hair products don’t exactly share a loving relationship with my hair.

See, I have wavy, fine hair with frizz and scalp build-up as my main concerns. So, my haircare routine always involves products that can calm frizz, make hair fuller and lighter, and clarify the scalp. And pH Rejuvenating Shampoo, pH Smooth Perfect Conditioner, and pH Argan & Keratin Elixir together manage to check all the boxes. While the rejuvenating shampoo (enriched with liquorice and orange blossom extracts) helps clean out the oil and scalp build-up and normalizes the scalp, the smooth perfect conditioner (enriched with monoi oil and magnolia extract) moisturizes the hair without weighing it down and tames the frizz, thereby leaving me with smooth (and scented!) hair. And argan & keratin elixir definitely completes this nourishing routine to give a soft, silky, and shiny look. Though I have previously stayed away from SLS & paraben free products as they just don’t clean well enough and result in more than usual hair fall, pH products however worked out well for my hair and made them smell even better, courtesy of specially-created fragrances for each product. And well, I still continue to use and love them. So, all in all, this pH trio has turned out to be a good bet for my hair, especially with the many good hair days this past month.

When it comes to elevating an ordinary haircare routine, all that is essential is that you got to treat your hair as if it’s a beautiful and precious entity, which it certainly is. And pH Laboratories with its well-rounded amalgamation of natural ingredients and green science really truly presents a unique haircare experience, enveloped in floral extracts and Italian luxe. And yes, it’s expensive, but maybe you can use it as a special TLC treat for your hair after every second or third hair wash. If, however, you are looking for a divinely fragrant haircare experience with a side of good results, pH Laboratories definitely fits the bill. Oh! And do share your memorable haircare experiences in the comments below.

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