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Drops Of Empty // #RSqShowcase

Cinematographer Anuj Samtani collaborates with model Sameea Bangera and musician Rishi Sippi to create ‘Drops Of Empty,’ a hauntingly stunning film.

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Anuj Samtani is an Indian director and cinematographer who moonlights as a DJ in between his shoots. He often finds himself collaborating with fellow creatives to create beautiful visuals. In his latest attempt, Samtani has teamed up with model Sameea Bangera and musician Rishi Sippy (TechNomads) to create ‘Drops Of Empty,’ a hauntingly stunning film.

To explain the idea behind the video, Anuj Samtani tells us, “this is a film that was shot for no one but an idea. The location is an empty pool near my house and I walk past it a lot. And every day I would walk past it, I pictured a woman inside it in slow motion, to replicate the feeling of being in water even though there isn’t any. I called the beautiful Sameea Bangera one day and asked her if she wanted to do this project with me, she said yes and this turned out exactly how I wanted. I used vibrant colours but also maintained dark heavy shadows to keep the mood dark. To bring out the emptiness of the pool. I got in touch with my friend Rishi Sippy who is a talented artist to make the original soundtrack, after sending him the first rough cut and a reference track, he was quick to pick up the vibe and create this beautiful track for the video!

Director / DOP / Editor – Anuj Samtani
Model – Sameea Bangera
Music – Rishi Sippy
Phantom Camera – Stereovision
DIT – Rajashekar
1st Camera Attendant – Ramu
Chief Asst / Focus – Shivram
Lighting Company – Focus Cine Service

RSq Showcase is a Runway Square concept that provides a platform to creative professionals to showcase their work. You could be an established photographer/ fashion stylist/ makeup artist/ hair stylist/ actor or an upcoming indie filmmaker who would like to take your non-commercial conceptual shoots to a larger audience. Write to us, and if we like what we see, we would be happy to give it a home on Runway Square. 


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