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Experience the Mediterranean Charm with Chanel Cruise 2020/21

From the spirit of the islands to the pink shade of the bougainvillea…

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Chanel Cruise 2020/21, Photo by Karim Sadli

Originally, Chanel Cruise 2021 was planned to take place in Capri on 7th May 2020. And with these plans disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, the brand decided to bring Capri to a screen near you via the Parisian studio by unveiling the collection across its website and social media platforms today.

Photos by Karim Sadli

Titled ‘Balade en Méditerranée’ (A trip around the Mediterranean), the collection imbibes the spirit of the Mediterranean islands, the scent of eucalyptus and the pink shades of the bougainvillea with a free, laidback allure inspired by the legendary actresses of 1960s holidaying on the Italian and French Riviera. Put together in three weeks, the collection was conceived keeping the notions of necessity in mind. They have used all the leftover buttons and threads, existing fabrics and customized previous collection item with the collection focusing on travelling light with a wardrobe that can be carried in a small suitcase on wheels, a shopper, and an embroidered handbag – a few easy-to-wear, multi-purpose pieces that all go together and can even be transformed. Like, long skirts become strapless dresses when pulled up, long jackets in black chiffon can be worn by day over a triangle bikini, or by night with an embroidered bandeau top and jeans.P

Well, the collection truly ticks the boxes of necessity and refined simplicity, providing a dose of Mediterranean refreshment for Chanel loyalists and their holiday wardrobe. To holidaying in Capri! Soon!!

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