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Meet The TV/OTT Characters That Inspire Style, Strength, And Substance

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Yes, some of the most common conversation starters in real and reel life happen to be about TV/OTT content. And why wouldn’t that be? Especially since, we always have revelled in the joy, comfort, and excitement of the medium. And over the past two years, it has been a source of guilt-free escapism as we sought solace in classic sitcoms, mindboggling documentaries, controversial reboots, and addictive reality series. Among these varied shows, we often found characters that had a way of reaching into our hearts and forming a memorable connection. From Joey’s admirably strong ideals of friendship to Phil Dunphy’s joking, positive aura, from Samantha’s proudly sexy, outspoken attitude to Lexi Howard’s subtle yet fierce transformation – the reasons behind these compelling character connections might be diverse, but each of these characters happened to be a welcome change on our screens. These characters aren’t perfect, rather they strived to optimize their existence with a dash of belief.

Though we may connect with quite a few characters on a certain level, there’s that one (or well, two!) fascinating character connection we share that inspires style, strength, and/or substance. Like, the characters that I have related to and connected with the most would be Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl). I know, there couldn’t be more wildly opposite characters than these. But well, that’s how I am! And while Sheldon Cooper’s storyline helped me proudly embrace my awkward, geeky self, Blair Waldorf paved the way for a sartorial and creative transformation with her perfectly primped, preppy yet feminine style. Yes, I have had a BW-inspired headband phase and still, love a good headband moment. But other than Blair’s iconic style, it’s her transformation into someone whose more than just a high school ‘Queen B’ that stood out, courtesy of her tough bitch confidence, understanding of self-worth, and strong-willed outlook.

Well, these characters may be fictional, but their struggles, achievements, and growth make the connection all too real. And as I indulge in a much-needed binge of Gossip Girl, you can scroll down to read about the TV/OTT characters that have inspired a real connection with other TV devotees.

Tanya Gupta, Content Creator

tanya gupta

“My favourite character that I have related to and felt the most would be Annalise Keating from “How to get away with Murder”. She is messy, loving, unapologetic, and insecure – a masterpiece, but also a work in progress. Annalise makes me feel seen and heard. She does not pretend to be perfect and has more flaws than any character I’ve watched on a show. And that stands out to me and makes me understand that there can be good and bad coexisting in a person, but what makes a person better is how much they are trying to overcome the bad. She was misunderstood on many levels, yet she exudes love, confidence, and truth. She is raw, comes as she is, and makes her presence felt strongly. I have never in my life seen a stronger character than Annalise.”

Varun Pratap, Founder – QUIRK

varun pratap

“For me, FRIENDS has been an escape from stressful times. And the character I connect with the most has to be Phoebe Buffay. Phoebe lives her life on her own terms and shows that commitment and integrity go a long way – be it with friends or even with romantic relationships. People who know me know that I’m outspoken and often speak my mind which is something Lisa’s character also does. These are a few qualities that make her character so great!”

Kareema Barry, Content Creator

kareema barry

“I was first acquainted with Mrs. Maisel in one of my loneliest Decembers before I had posted any comedic videos online. I was always told that I can make people laugh or be the clown in class, but I was never confident enough to feel funny enough to post it online. Then I watched Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, a story about this woman in the 1960s trying to be a stand-up comedian at a time when it was rare for women to approach any male-dominated space. 
Mrs. Maisel taught me a lot of things, apart from just being a funny woman. She’s my comfort character in strange ways. We don’t have much in common as women, in age, class, nationality, or even the time period we’re living in. But I still connect to her – because everything she says is a part of her odd but free mind, just like mine sometimes.”

Vishakha Bhaskkar, Co-Founder & Creative Head – Angrakhaa

Vishakha Bhaskkar

“It’s Peggy from Madmen! And it’s her character arch that makes me connect with her. She starts as this young girl in the advertising world, dominated by men. She’s naive but ambitious. She thinks she knows what she wants – until she finds herself with an opportunity that allows her to explore beyond what she had planned and that changes everything for her. So, for me, it’s the trajectory of her career that inspiring, besides how badass she becomes, and is not scared of asking what she deserves. She knows what she’s presenting, and bringing to the table. And I relate to her because that’s exactly how I started too! I changed my industry from economics to fashion without any formal training, and I know the power I hold now. It’s all self-made!”

Prayag Menon, Stylist

prayag menon

“For me, the characters that I connected with the most would be Mitch and Cam from Modern Family. Well, the biggest reason, of course, being that as a gay man with a partner – I felt represented in a mainstream show, and I loved how the characters were not stereotyped. I enjoyed that they lived their lives confidently, successfully, and humorously and how beautifully the show documented their journey from being married to becoming parents. The portrayal is so realistic and ultra-relatable.”

Joan Rai, Content Creator – @thewhitehairedguy

Joan Rai @thewhitehairedguy

“I have always been an absolute fan of the 90s’ show “Friends”. Every character in the show was so well-written and cast that everything felt perfectly in place. However, Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow has to be my favourite of all time. What caught my attention was her quirky outlook on life and eclectic sense of fashion, wherein she would put together the most random pieces, and even then, it worked perfectly for her. She was a hustler and always knew how to have a good time. Her honesty, confidence, and sense of humour is something I am absolutely envious of and also in love with.”


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