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Meet Three Fashion Boss Ladies Challenging the Notion of Personal Style

Style is . . .

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(L-R) Kayaan Contractor,Masaba Gupta, Rhea Kapoor

What is your personal style?

This is the question that comes up every now and then in the fashion world and beyond. And it certainly stumps everyone right there. While answering this particular question might be nerve-wrecking, I feel that personal style is simply distinctive appearance that’s ever evolving.

It’s called personal style because that’s what it is: personal. It’s your own interpretation of your own self. It’s how you choose to represent your personality, mind and body via clothes. And as your personality and your understanding of your mind and body evolve, so does your sense of style. Thanks to digital media, we can scroll through our old posts on Facebook and Instagram, right from the first one to the last, and see for ourselves how far we have come in this quest for personal style. Well, haven’t we all questioned our choice of clothes in our older pictures, be it from our childhood or just 3 months ago?

While our style continues with its metamorphosis, there will always be some definite elements that are consistent in our looks and tend to be associated with us overtime. Like Jackie O. had her oversized sunglasses, Coco Chanel had her pearls, Marilyn Monroe had her platinum blonde hair, and Kim Kardashian has her contouring. And for me, it’s simply vibrant colours. So, similarly, you also have a signature element or two that is a part of your style identity. It could be as simple as a dainty piece of jewellery or as statement making as a red bag.

Like how Kayaan Contractor has evolved her eccentric aesthetics over the past few years, but a look through her Instagram and you will realize that her androgynous and vivacious vibes are still very much part of her style identity. Besides her affair with Gucci, Doc Martins and ranch boots, it’s interesting to see that she has made her ever-changing hair and hair colour a part of her identity and all this certainly make her evolving sense of style stand out.

personal style

Photo Courtesy : Kayaan Contractor/Instagram

Then there is Rhea Kapoor who clearly loves an all black ensemble. While Rhea, along with Sonam Kapoor, has made Indian fashion scene a fun place to be, she took her own time to move out of her comfort style zone and towards some unconventional style choices with her boss babe attitude intact. And as expected, her choices of pairing ethereal Indianwear with tux-vest and cravat or even sneakers are proving to be game-changers for the Indian fashion scene. While we love these cool girl-friendly style choices, recently on Koffee With Karan, she had mentioned that she feels she hasn’t completely explored her style. And we, for sure, can’t wait to see which unsual pairing she brews up next.

personal style

Photo Courtesy : Rhea Kapoor/Instagram

On the other hand, even with too many designers in the fashion industry, Masaba Gupta stands out not only with her trend-setting prints but also with her sexy yet elegant sense of style with an understated bohemian vibe. If you, like me, follow her on Instagram, you would have noticed that all white ensembles are her wardrobe essentials and that she herself is perfect ambassador for her label, House of Masaba. But most importantly, what all these style stalwarts embody is the idea of loving yourself. And that’s exactly what we need to do.

personal style

Photo Courtesy : Masaba Gupta/Instagram

You know, we ought to be loving ourselves, celebrating ourselves and wearing what makes us feel like the best version of ourselves rather than speculating about what sort of style makes one stylish. And moving onto the question that I dropped in the beginning, let’s just forget about it for a while and get ready to morph into the next iteration of our life and style.

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