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#RSQStyleSpotlight: Porus Vimadalal & Prayag Menon-Vimadalal Spill The Secrets Behind A Couple Style-Sync

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Prayag Menon-Vimadalal & Porus Vimadalal, Image : @prayag.menon/Instagram

Well! This time, we are focusing the spotlight not only on men’s style but also on the couple’s style as well – courtesy photographer Porus Vimadalal and stylist Prayag Menon-Vimadalal, aka one of our most favourite fashion couple. And being partners in life and profession has caused an effortless style-sync between Prayag and Porus that highlights a well-balanced and eclectic colour play and flamboyant quirk. In an email conversation with Runway Square’s junior editor Karishma Gulyani, Porus & Prayag together unravel the secrets behind a couple style-sync with a glimpse into their signature brand of vintage whimsy.

Runway Square: How would you define your style?
Porus & Prayag: So, our style is always put together, neat, and crisp. And we love harmonious colour palettes and pieces that have some character. Though our style influences could vary – it could be an era, an imaginary character we like to play, or just our mood.

RSQ: What’s your outfit recipe? And has the quarantine caused any changes to it?
Porus & Prayag: To be honest, we don’t really have a recipe. We just go with how we are feeling that day. We even don’t pick a colour palette consciously or go by a book, and neither do we believe in referencing. We go purely with our innate instincts.  
The quarantine has not really caused any changes because we make it a point to put a little effort into what we wear, even if it’s a trip to the grocery store, as we believe it always helps you instantly feel good when you look good.

RSQ: How do you manage to add that vintage quirk to every look? 
Porus & Prayag: We don’t like to rapidly refresh our wardrobes. And having never been fans of trends, we always look for interesting/versatile pieces that we can wear years down the line and still love. So, we focus on shopping mindfully, be it from brands or vintage stores, with every piece being looked at and acquired for its unique appeal and how it makes us feel when we wear it. 
And this is where vintage clothing comes in, after all, it’s so unique and every piece has a lot of character. These reasons, in addition to vintage fashion being truly chic and also a sustainable practice, are what inspire that blend of vintage quirk.

RSQ: So, what’s the secret behind keeping both of your styles in sync?
Porus & Prayag: Being a couple in life and work, our creative aesthetic is, of course, pretty much on the same wavelength and synergy. And style is just another manifestation where this sync occurs naturally. Having been together for so long, I think we end up influencing each other’s style subconsciously. 

RSQ: Talking about vintage shopping, what prerequisites you have while picking-up a piece? And how do you ensure the authenticity and maintenance of vintage pieces?
Porus & Prayag: We look for a great fit, quality, and condition of the garment, and basically how a piece makes us feel when we try it on. We generally shop from trusted and reliable vintage stores that have a reputation for maintaining authenticity. And maintenance depends on piece to piece. We make sure to wash them gently and separately, or dry clean, and store in a cool, dry place. 

Porus Vimadalal Prayag Menon-Vimadalal
Porus Vimadalal & Prayag Menon-Vimadalal

RSQ: How do you master the art of balance between dressing up for yourself and for Instagram?
Porus & Prayag: Honestly, I don’t think we ever “dress” for Instagram unless we are creating content that requires us to wear a specific look, such as a theme for one of the IGTV videos we create. We always stick to outfits we would feel comfortable in and wear otherwise.

RSQ: Your videos represent a chic and eccentric twist on your lives. How did the idea come about? And what’s been the most favourite video of both of yours?
Porus & Prayag: The idea was conceived during the lockdown. We thought of humouring ourselves (and our social media audience) by adding a twist to regular activities in our daily lives. Every video is special to us, and it would be quite difficult to pick a single favourite, but if we had to pick one, it would have to be the picnic one we did recently.

RSQ: Beach, mountains, or cities – which do you connect with the most in terms of style and aesthetics?
Porus & Prayag: Mountains. We both love wearing layered clothing and have a budding winter collection of sweaters and coats since the winters here in Toronto can get pretty cold and last almost half a year!

RSQ: If you had to give us and RSq readers a few tips on evolving one’s style, what would those be?
Porus & Prayag: Enjoy how you dress! Don’t approach it with the idea of appeasing others. Dressing is a form of self-expression, and it ought to make you feel your best irrespective of what others think.

Photos Courtesy : Porus Vimadalal & Prayag Menon-Vimadalal

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