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Showing India How To Tell ‘Her Story’

Her Story gives the modern Indian woman a new perspective to look at her jewelry.

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Her Story Jewels

Jewels which only tell the story of their origin, cuts, or carats are now history.
Your rocks should be more than just resplendent or expensive. They should be unique to you and precious in the values they hold in your life. After all, a piece of jewelry acts as an honest mirror of your personality.
The contemporary Indian woman is more than just modern, she’s cosmopolitan when it comes to adapting to cultures. But, with changing countries, cultures, and perspective, what remains unaltered and cemented in reality rather than superfluous fantasy is the mettle she’s made of that molds her into her person. Her Story tells the story of each such woman by crystallizing stories into jewels that make a lifetime-lasting impression.

her story

Her Story, Altamount Road, Mumbai

Her Story threw its doors open to Mumbai in a space that is in every sense representative of the ethos that drives the brand and its designs. The store is designed to be an experience that is relatable to every woman, with lovely messages on postcards, a swing, and even a grand piano. Much like the jewelry itself, the store grows on you, and by the time you reach the second room which displays them like works of art in a museum, you’ll know why Her Story emphasizes on the importance of what you’re feeling in deciding what jewelry you would like to pick. Minimalistic, highly attentive to detail, and nuanced in every sense of the word, Altamount Road will now have another literal and figurative gem to boast of in the form of Her Story’s first store in the country.

her story

Her Story Jewels Display

Her Story jewels are designed to blend into your personality even when you are on the run, doing the most mundane errands of daily life. After all, if diamonds are a woman’s best friend, shouldn’t they be by her side all the time?

“The raison d’être of Her Story is to make jewelry relevant to the modern woman. Instead of being guided by the social context of her life, what if the purchase of a jewel is more meaningful – led by and therefore expressing who she is as a person? Unique, undefined, unboxed and interesting”, says co-founder Ankit Mehta.

her story

Spirit of the Wild collection by Her Story

Her Story’s jewels coming to India with six breath-taking collections, one more alluring than the other. The quiet sophistication and depth of subjective aestheticism are what bind every collection. The exceptionally handcrafted pieces are envisioned with an amalgam of masterful craftsmanship, a sensitivity of craft, and highly symbolic designs.

Kunal Shah, the co-founder, believes, “For a jewel to be truly precious it must be a beautifully crafted reflection of a woman’s ideas and aspirations, a precious expression of what is dear to her.”

her story

Her Story Jewels

With respect to the sensational beauty and grace that is epitomized in every creation that Her Story boasts of, here’s an ode from a modern woman to the brand which dedicates itself to the modern woman, stitched from the names of their six collections:

Amidst the Magic of Spring in The Spirit of the Wild,
The Heart of Blue 
witnesses Dream Weaves in Threads of Time,
forever Rising High from the mist of inhibitions and uncertainty.

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