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The Best of Décor Accessories to Enrich Your Home With Warmth and Chicness This Winter

From soft lighting to warm hues and seasonal scents…

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Taller Marmo Tatuaggio Fringed Floral-Jacquard Cushion, Image Courtesy: Matches Fashion

With dropping temperatures and longer nights, we have already refreshed our wardrobes with the coziest and coolest jumpers and cardigans. And now, its time to give your homes a refresh to create a cozy and relaxed space this winter – after all, there’s nothing like a warm and comforting day or night-in during the cold winter months. Whether you have planned a holiday baking session, intimate wine and dine with friends, or just wish to wrap yourself with a chunky blanket and sit on the couch for a night of Netflix binge, you can create the right atmosphere just by playing around with soft furnishings, lighting, scents, and colours.

To get your home winter-ready, start with awakening your senses with warmth and wonder of decadent scents and comforting and luxurious hues. For fragrance, focus on deliciously rich, scented candles with notes of cinnamon, cedarwood, vanilla, pumpkin spice, leather or wood for the ultimate winter vibe – just like Mineral Project’s Christmas Candle Set. And well, think wonderful warm hues (like beige, camel, mustard yellow, reds, orange and darker greens) to appeal to the senses. Oh! And even pink looks soothing against winter browns and greys. The easiest way to make a difference in the colour palette is by playing around with home accessories. So, switch out bright and punchy summer aesthetics with a busier, yet homely and welcoming visual effect, courtesy of gorgeous eccentric accessories. And this is why we have our winter-loving heart and soul set on Glass Forest Chirp Coloured Jars Set, Suite No.8 Squash (Gold), Versace Jungle Animalier Porcelain Vase, L’Objet X Lito 24kt -Gilded Porcelain Tray, Flower Lab Amaranth Arrangement (In Carafe Vase), and The Wishing Chair Moon Dream Catcher.

Well, winter won’t be a snuggle season without some soft, comforting throws, blankets, and cushion. So, get your place feeling cozier and snuggle-worthy by loading up on eye-catching, tactile, and even chunky soft furnishings. From The Elder Statesman Striped Cashmere Blanket to Colville Polka Dot Blanket, from AA Living Sienna Tufted Lumbar Cushion Cover to Taller Marmo Tatuaggio Fringed Floral-Jacquard Cushion, you’ll be prepped to reel in a whole lot of cuddles for the season. And lastly, don’t forget to add a golden glow to your space with warm LED bulbs, fairy lights, and floor and table lamps – to create a calm and more inviting effect.

And if you are looking to create a cozy and chic atmosphere at home this winter or want a snuggle companion, scroll through our edit of some of the best homeware accessories and gorgeously warm, soft furnishings that’ll enrich your home with decadent warmth and comfort.

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