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Latha Sunadh is a Consulting Editor who starts her day with a cold brew and a crazy to-do list scribbled carelessly on pink post-its. She writes to combat FOMO and aspires to YOLO into the future. She's all about self-care Sundays and barely-there Mondays. Presently navigating her tough 30s with a brave smile and a mad 5-year old. Constantly searching for cult beauty products, new ideas and sanity - in that order!.

The Coolest Travel Hacks For Millennials!

Tips and tricks that will upgrade your travel experience.

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You know, when you hear the word “hack” you immediately know it’s a shortcut to heaven. A way in which you can get away with traveling without the hard work of it all. A way in which you can get your lazy groove on and do things with ease just because you found that interesting, effortless path to keeping your sanity safe. That’s why, we put together some cool, fun things that will make your travel stress-free. And with us, brave girls who do all of that solo traveling, it’s even better because staying safe, sorted and happy can add garnish to your adventures!

Water Bottle Worries

Okay, so everyone and their granny carry a fun water bottle these days. From glitter ones to motivational ones – there’s quite a bit out there. But how does one get past security with water in that bottle? Here’s the trick. You can bring a full bottle of water through security – just as long as it’s frozen. So put it in that freezer and pick it up right before you leave.

Fridge Woes

This one’s such a big winner. How does one know the sauces and cool additions in your fridge didn’t get spoilt when you were away? Put an ice cube on a plate in your freezer before you go away. When you return, if there is a frozen cube the electricity did not go out. But if it’s frozen like water, in a flat way, the electric did go out and well, throw out your perishables.

Solo-girl Travel Trick

Sometimes you just have an instinct and you want to know if someone entered your room unauthorized or with another key when you were gone if you’re at an Airbnb or a guesthouse? Tape a hair to the door really low and across the frame – if it’s broken, someone went in.

Bed in a Plane?

Sometimes you just want the whole aisle to yourself. If you are flying in economy class, ask to be seated next to empty seats if the plane is not full. You may end up with four seats that you can make into a bed.

Security Line Love

If you are traveling internationally, it’s always best to stand in the immigration line next to the VIP or Employees or Diplomats line. When they have no one there, just smile at the person sitting idle and most of the time they will wave you over.

First One In Line

When you get into the minibus at the airport, always get in last. Be the first to get off and get to luggage first!

Photocopy Saver

Photocopy every travel document twice. Always take a photocopy of your passport page with the ID and photo and keep a copy in your carry-on and also provide one to someone you trust. This means you are guaranteed a smoother process if it’s lost or stolen.

Live Like A Local

Best to learn six phrases in the language of the host country. Yes, No, please, thank you, and good-bye are great but this one rules: “where is the toilet? ” Or try Duolingo, an app that helps you learn some cool languages. Or you could download

Marie Kondo Travel

I’m sure you’ve heard of her and how Marie Kondo taught you all about organisation. Now it’s for the travel tips: Roll your clothes when packing which allows you to fit more things in. Plus, you can even roll underwear and socks within your clothes for optimal space-saving.

Fragile is Better

Mark your baggage as fragile if you want your baggage handled correctly. Your luggage is kept at the top because of this, which will make it one of the first bags to be released.

Bathroom Tips

It’s on a timer: 20 minutes before you land, sprint for the bathroom. Usually, when the seatbelt light comes on, there is 15 minutes of leeway until you have to be seated. Use the bathroom and you don’t have to stand in line or wait for a restroom when you land.

One product to rule them all

So, Argan oil is the mother of all toiletries and is a mega multitasker. You can use it in place of your body lotion, hair serum, moisturiser, make up remover, and insect bite ointment. One bottle that reduces the size of your toiletry bag.

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