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7 Tips For Travelling Together Without Killing Each Other

Traveling together as a couple or friends can be beautiful or a total challenge. Here are 7 tips to ensure that you come back stronger and happier.

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When you get to a comfortable place in a relationship, you know that a certain proposition is coming your way or maybe you’ll be the one proposing. We don’t know what you’re thinking about but we are talking about traveling together. Be it as friends or romantic partners, when you get close, taking trips is an equivalent of taking it to the next level. Travel is one of the most enjoyable experiences and yet the hardest test you can take that can decide the future of your union.

It could be a road trip, quick weekend getaway, summer holiday or quitting your job to travel the world. No matter how long or short the journey, traveling together as a couple or friends can be beautiful or a total challenge. Here are 7 tried and tested tips to ensure that you come back stronger and happier –

  1. Manage expectations – Know that certain disagreements will happen. Know that it won’t be exactly like in the movies. Know that your experience will be different from what any of your friends have had. Know that your partner will be under stress at certain points and won’t be in the best mood at times.
  2. Define the purpose – Whether it’s an impromptu trip or something you planned six months in advance, one of the most important things to ask each other is what kind of trip it is. A ‘just relax in the hotel pool and step out at night’ trip or ‘I have a list of places I need to see before and after sunset’ trip. If you want to see all the museums and the other person just wants to explore places to eat and drink and mingle with locals, you’d find yourselves confused. It’d help to discuss a rough POA.
  3. Take a moment or day alone – It helps to be alone. It’s okay to ask for some time to spend on your own and should respect if your partner asks for it. It’s not because they don’t like you or don’t enjoy their time with you, it’s because it helps. It makes you collect your thoughts, make your own memories and to appreciate the time together.
  4. Be honest while budgeting – If you don’t want to backpack or feel like you can’t afford the private villa being suggested, speak up while planning or forever hold your peace. Else, you’ll spend the trip resenting your partner or friend.
  5. Know that no one is always right – There’s every possibility that your partner will miss a crucial turn on the highway or you’ll choose a terrible restaurant. You both are humans and bound to make mistakes. Don’t indulge in a blame game, disinvite your ego from the brainstorming session to solve the issue, learn to let go and laugh at the situation, and focus on enjoying the journey.
  6. Respect time – Most fights happen because of time-related stress. The stress of being late for a flight, missing a restaurant reservation that you booked months in advance, etc. If you’re going to take longer to get ready, then act on it accordingly. No one enjoys waiting while they’re ready.
  7. Don’t ever be hangry – Anger that comes from hunger is the worst reason for a fight because it’s just silly. Make sure you both are packing some fruits, nuts and protein bars. Do not leave the house without some emergency food. Just. Don’t.
Traveling Together As A Couple

Artwork: Runway Square

This was our list of dos and don’ts for traveling together, do you have any tips? Leave a comment below, because you know, communication is important. Oh wait, that’s tip number 8!! Bonus!

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