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Where To Stay In Madrid – Posada del León de Oro

A gorgeous wine cellar and outrageous decor, check out this boutique hotel in Madrid.

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Posada del León de Oro

It’s so easy to find a place that’s quaint and Insta-worthy in Madrid. The little flea markets, the narrow, brightly-lit lanes and of course, the Tapas bars that are lined up with tourists and locals looking to have a good time – it’s festive every single day and everything in that haze, looks retro-washed and whimsical. Like something out of a Pedro Almodavar film. But then, how does one choose a hotel that stands out? We had the same thought, when we wanted to go to Madrid for the second time. The first time, it was a Swedish hotel near all the big landmarks and now, we wanted a piece of the city that’s more poetic and rooted and that’s when we chanced upon a review online for Posada del Leon de Oro, a small luxurious 4-star boutique hotel tucked away in the heart of Madrid with an exquisite wine cellar and retro rooms.

Entrance, Posada del León de Oro

The first thing that caught our eye was the location – it’s really the big winner here. We were literally 3-minutes away from the big attractions – especially the El Rastro Flea Market, one of the biggest open markets in all of Spain. The hotel was tucked in the midst of all the action, the La Latina suburb that’s got all the action going for it. First, you’re close to four important landmarks – The Rastro Market ( Please do not miss this!), the best Flamenco performance ever at La Taberna de Mister Pinkleton, which is a delight. Next, it’s the Plaza Mayor, just a stone’s throw away with fantabulous restaurants and the most stylish crowd ever alongside Restaurant Botin, one of the oldest restaurants in Madrid with interiors that look like they’re gonna pop. And then, give or take a few popular Tapas bars and the biggest draw, the Mercado San Miguel, which has the best gelatos and smoothies man has ever known. So yes, it’s a great deal for a boutique hotel.

Bedroom, Posada del León de Oro 9

Next, we must delight you in the rooms which are tiny but filled with the most delish decor items – retro phones, vintage wallpapers and more. But they’re not essentially retro – they are more modern with just a slight twist of style from the fun 90s. I’ll give you another reason I love this hotel – Clarin’s merch in every room. Now, for a beauty addict like me, that’s just the icing on the cake. The hotel has balconies that look out into the lanes – 6 pm and you’ll see the tiny restaurant downstairs and the Calle Cava Baja area filled with locals and tourists in search of tapas. The cellar slash restaurant serves up some yummy cocktails and Spanish wines that will set your evening on fire.

Wine Cellar at Posada del León de Oro9

What we love about Posada del León de Oro is the location and the outrageous appetizers at the tapas bar, plus a healthy addiction to cool wallpapering and bizarre lighting. Now that’s the millennial rule of travel – if it’s good for Insta stories, it’s just the right place to be. Give or take a flea market nearby!

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