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Where To Stay In The Maldives – Coco Bodu Hithi

Of over-water villas and infinity pools.

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View from our Escape Water Villa deck at Coco Bodu Hithi, Maldives. All photos ©RunwaySquare

It’s not easy being a Maldive-based Resort. The sun and the sand aside, it’s a tall order in every way because there’s so much to see, so many experiences to showcase and so much to do so one can stand out as a go-to destination and resort. The special case of Maldives is just that – tourists choose the island based on its resorts, unlike others where you first zero in on a destination and find your ideal room. And really, that’s the special gift that the Maldives gives you – a room with a view at the most multi-hyphenated hotel or resort to laze at and park your happiness for a bit of time. Precisely why Coco Bodu Hithi stands out for us as the go-to spot in the Maldives and we thank Make Plans Holidays for the recommendation.

Beautiful speedboat ride from Malé airport to Coco Bodu Hithi, Maldives Photo:©RunwaySquare

From the time, you get greeted at the airport by the liaison from Coco to the stunning views you catch yourself falling for this tiny paradise as you get out of your luxury boat to the island. All it took from us was 40 minutes – so close! The Maldives at that moment, with scintillating sands and crimson-hued sunsets, is all yours.

Deck of the Escape Water Villa at Coco Bodu Hithi ©RunwaySquare

Located at North Malé Atoll, this beauty is everything you’ve dreamt about – private villas, happy pools, waters edge views. What can we say? Too many things, too little time! And with that thought, we went challenged ourselves to make the most out of life out there in this happy space called Coco Bodu Hithi.

You can take a dip in bathtub or the pool or the ocean. The choice is yours! Photo:©RunwaySquare

There are 100 villas, to be honest, a mini city in the making with a combination of over-water villas alongside private jungle villas. The decor and look is minimalistic, almost dream-like with a lot of light – so if you’re wondering about those selfies, yep, it’s possible and they’ll look insta-worthy. Plus, those 360-degree ocean views are a real treat. The island comes with amazing restaurants, 6 of them, all giving you varied seafood dishes worthy of a click alongside infinity pools for your stress-free vacay.

Poolside cocktails at Coco Bodu Hithi Photo:©RunwaySquare

We absolutely loved the live music at the beach with pool breakfasts – that’s really the jam. The breakfast though is one to note, fresh fruits and great pastries line up to our plates. The coup de grace is definitely the Stars Restaurant that hosts breakfast over the water with views of the horizon.

The culinary experience is one to really look forward to – from Chinese, Japanese, Korean to local Maldivian delights – there’s a lot to explore with your taste buds. And psst psst, a seafood is rumored to be fresh, as in, someone claimed they saw a fishing line being cast from the kitchen. Now, that’s wow. From Tsuki, a tiny restaurant for private dinners to Latitude lounge that simmers with great live music, the cuisine and vibe is varied. But we’ll particularly recommend the Breeze Seafood BBQ place that can accommodate special romantic dinners in privacy.

Carrying pool floats was the best thing we did, although the resort provides them too Photo:©RunwaySquare

If you love getting more stress-free and want to cozy up to the clouds, then the Coco Spa is a must-do that comes with refreshing welcome drinks, interesting spa menu and Balinese massages followed by a dip in the intimate over-water pool. One can even have a private picnic for two, with a delicious freshly-made picnic hamper made and sent by the staff.

The pristine beach at Coco Bodu Hithi Photo:©RunwaySquare

The best bit about Coco are the adventures hands down – snorkeling, sailing and scuba diving. It’s private, clean and the perfect place to see Hawksbill turtles, swim with Nurse sharks, take in exotic reefs and copy the movements of the Manta rays. The resort’s marine biologist who is extremely passionate about the marine life shares some great insights into the life under the ocean – eye-opening!

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