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10 Hair Accessories to dress your tresses this summer

Time to amp up your mane game!

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Image Courtesy: Instagram/@audse/@valetstudio

It’s been nine years since I last watched Gossip Girl. And fast forward to summer 2019, I have been hooked to it again, courtesy Netflix, incidentally coinciding with the much-loved fashion comeback of hair accessories. Well, I’m sure you remember Blair Waldorf and her many headbands. But do you also remember that she never let the childlike whimsicality of them interfere with her badass vibes?! So, as you join this hair adornment game with a whole lot of barrettes, pins, scrunchies and headbands, make it rather interesting and refreshing rather than down playing your style.

hair accessories
Prada Silk Satin Headband, Rs. 16,684 – Image Courtesy: Lyst

While Prada’s Padded Headbands have caught the attention of everyone across the fashion globe, hair barrettes and pins are being equally loved for the extra-cool quotient, especially with their ‘the more, the merrier’ motto. And Versace’s Medusa coin hair slide and resin-plated clip by 8 Other Reasons top our list. (Though we also have a soft spot in our heart for that rhinestone hair clip set by Zara.) Another member of this much-loved group is bows which, to be honest, are the most practical of them all. After all, you just need to use scarves (or even ribbons) to throw your hair into a ponytail and well, make a pussy bow. Or you can just use the scarf scrunchie as well just like Jodi’s.

So, if you haven’t yet joined this renaissance party or are looking for head-turning options to jazz up your hair, scroll down to see all the best hair accessories for summer.
P.S. This glam gang will be your ultimate hero on any bad hair day ever.

hair accessories
(L-R) Versace Medusa Coin Hair Slide Rs. 13,791, Zara Rhinestone Hair Clips Rs. 1590, Epona Valley Beaded Gingham Headband Rs. 9729
hair accessories
(L-R) 8 Other Reasons Gigi Resin-Plated Clip Rs. 1738, JODI Nara Scarf Scrunchie Rs. 375, Margherita Greta & Flora Set Rs. 3476
hair accessories
(L-R) Lelet NY 14K Gold-Plated Faux Pearl Barrette Rs. 9034.11, Zimmermann Cotton Headscarf Rs. 7227, Loeffler Randall Elodie Beaded Bow Barrette Rs. 8688.65

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