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Celebrating the Womanhood with #ANDiRISE

Raise a toast to the strength, determination and power of women!

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Anita Dongre

For 24 fascinating years, AND has been celebrating and empowering women from different walks of life. And to take this thought forward, AND & Anita Dongre launched #ANDiRISE over the last weekend, giving women a platform to share their stories of grit and determination, and of breaking them glass ceilings. As part of #ANDiRISE initiative, AND also unveiled four beautiful and inspiring videos featuring International swimmer and fitness enthusiast Rujuta Bhatt; creator of the Modern Sufi, Vani Kabir; IT professional & aspiring life coach Manisha Mangret; and architect, writer and founder of Moms & More, Namrata Kalia. These videos recognize each of these women for overcoming barriers to become their best self. And to celebrate this incredible initiative, we asked Anita Dongre to share her inspirations and takeaways from #ANDiRISE.

#ANDiRISE Anita Dongre
(L-R) Namrata Kalia, Manisha Mangret, Anita Dongre, Vani Kabir

Karishma Gulyani: What does #ANDiRISE stand for?
Anita Dongre: I think #ANDiRISE is a treasury of stories of strength and courage. And I’m hoping that women who see them will be inspired by them as when you watch these stories, you will definitely connect with something in these stories. Like I just heard today that there’s this women who connected with all four stories after all, these are the stories of inspiration and positivity. Also, I believe women can really do so much for other women,

Karishma: What prompted you to start #ANDiRISE initiative?
Anita Dongre: I think it’s inspired a little bit by my story as well. Like how I started from scratch, faced a lot of hurdles in my journey, and overcame them with positivity. In my journey, I met a lot of women who have been a source of inspiration to me and made me realize that sometimes you just don’t need one role model; hundreds of women can also be your role model. There’s something in every women that can inspire you, so I wanted to reach out to women who inspire me and my team and share their stories with rest of the world.

Karishma: While you have had a completely riveting and inspiring journey in every way, what are the values you have taken from the #ANDiRISE women?
Anita Dongre: I take away from everyone I meet as I believe it’s always nice to look at people’s strength, and imbibe that in you. Similarly, there’s so much to learn all these women. Like Manisha’s positive attitude after her 13 surgeries is so inspirational. So, anytime, I have to go through something such a time, I am going to remember her positivity and learn from that.

Karishma: These four women represent such distinctive values for everyone to imbibe. How do you want to take this initiative forward?
Anita Dongre: Oh! We have already got so many other distinguished women as well. And you are going to see many more such videos. I feel there are tremendous stories of strength and courage around us; we just need to find them and highlight them.

#ANDiRISE Anita Dongre
(L-R) Namrata Kalia, Manisha Mangret, Vani Kabir

To check out all the soul-stirring videos, click here.

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