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Beach Holiday Beauty Essentials We Tested In The Maldives

Tried and tested, ready for you to pack!

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Beach Holiday Beauty Essentials - Maldives - Runway Square

Beach Holiday Beauty Essentials ©RunwaySquare

Skincare regimes are our jam. We have one for each day, mood and time. From morning routines to flight regimes to after-party care to happy mood self-care, there’s a skincare regime for every situation in life. The newest one in our kitty is the beach holiday routine, one that’s exclusively created for lazy butts like ours who prefer quality or quantity. Hence the best products are carefully curated and effectively used. In any case, after-sun care is important when on holiday to a place we recently visited like the Maldives because hello, crazy weather.

There are so many reasons why a beach holiday like this needs its own regime – the weather changes at the drop of a hat. It’s sunny, then windy and it has to make up its mind, but at the same time, it does things to your skin and hair that are good and bad. The hair goes into voluntary beach waves but you know it’s going to be a task to detangle it later. Same goes for the skin, the tan might look glorious right after but you know that if care is not taken, it’s going to be an ordeal later. So, we tried the detangler hair brush by The Wet Brush (available at Jean Claude Beguine salons), that worked like magic on wet as well dry hair. No matter how windy it was at the beach, it detangled my long hair in just a minute or two.

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Honest review: @thewetbrush is the best thing that happened to my hair. When the brand manager sent me the product she boasted, “no matter how many hours you spend on the windy beach, it’ll sort out your hair in a jiffy.” I took that with a pinch of salt and decided to put this one to test, I used it after two whole days of being at the beach, on speedboats, by the pool and yet there was no tug and pull with this one! It took just a minute to brush my hair. Magic ⚡️Girls with long hair, pick this one up from @jeanclaudebiguineindia and you’ll never have to worry about detangling your luscious tresses on a holiday again. —@charu.gaur #sponsored #honestreview . . . . . . . #maldives #travel #indiantraveller #longhair #hair #hairgoals #pool #redswimsuit #runwaysquare #rsqxmakeplans #rsqxtajexoticamaldives #tajexoticamaldives #tajmaldives #boomerang

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For the skin, we trusted the 100% Organic Sunscreen by Phyt’s France (also available at Jean Claude Beguine salons) which contains mineral sunscreens, Argan and shea butter, natural vitamin E and more. Too many good things! And the good-old super-trusted Avène Thermal Spring Water Rs.1,300 and Micellar Water Rs. 1,262, that kept our skin plump, hydrated and helped take the beach off our skin. While we know following the 9-step night skincare regime is not possible after a day at the beach, so we put RAS Luxury Oils Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir, Rs 2350, to the task. It reduces marks, enhances the glow and does a few other things along the way like reducing acne, spots and blemishes. And when we had a little downtime, we put on an Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask #Aloe, Rs 100, and caught up on some boy talk while the sheet mask calmed down our skin.

Also, a little makeup never hurt anyone, beach or no beach. We packed M.A.C Extra Dimension Bronzing Powder, Rs 2300, Maybelline New York Volume Express Colossal Big Shot Mascara – Waterproof, Rs 450 and a Bright Pink Organic+Vegan Lipstick by Disguise Cosmetics, Rs 500. The bronzer offered a matte finish and a glow that never faltered. This one gives a subtle tint and contains those gorgeous light-reflecting bronzing pigments. The mascara came with unique, wavy bristles while the collagen formula gave us all about volume we could ever ask for and its waterproof formula worked in the pool and beach equally wonderfully. Lastly, the Ultra-comfortable and Satin Matte, 100% Vegan Lipstick from Disguise (enriched with organic marula, avocado, argan and jojoba oils) offered a burst of colour. You know what that means for your Instagram photos!

These were some of the interesting beach holiday skincare essentials that got us going – all are our favourites, all of them do the job and all of them have their own charm. Don’t forget to add them to your packing list!

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