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#RSQVideo Why Should You Do A Girls Trip To The Maldives

Because everyone deserves a piece of paradise.

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First images that come to your mind when you think of the Maldives are of pristine azure waters, heavenly silver beaches, stunning marine life, swinging palm trees, unbelievably luxurious resorts, over water villas with private pools and and and… honeymooning couples. That, that last bit was the only reason why my friend and I were unsure about going to the Maldives. What will we do there amongst all honeymooning couples? You know what I mean? The Maldives is all about luxury, so it’s not a cheap holiday by any means and that’s why most people go there to celebrate something special and for most, it’s their honeymoon. But then just a phone call with Make Plans Holidays changed our mind!
Why is a long-standing friendship less worthy of a being celebrated with a trip fo a lifetime? Why don’t single people deserve to break away from the maddening weekday/weekend life?  We decided to say “f*ck that” to all the Maldivian stereotypes and visit the proverbial paradise.

So glad we did! We got to sit in our private infinity pool where we spent infinite hours talking about boys (let’s admit it, that’s bound to happen anywhere) and our dreams. We got to make new friends under water.  We got to stare into the ocean that runs right under your our plush lagoon villa at Taj Exotica and say, “how is this place so beautiful!” 5000 times a day, every single day. But most importantly, on a personal note, I got to heal, understand myself and be at peace… in the lap of luxury. Of course.
Is there enough for friends to do there? Well, we have a video proof there is! But on one condition, that you don’t try to turn this beautiful beautiful experience into what you’d have in Bali, Hawaii or Thailand.
Because there’s no place like the Maldives!
Concept/Shoot: Runway Square
Locations: Taj Exotica Maldives, Coco Bodu Hithi
Travel and bookings: Make Plans Holiday
Editing: Cornerpixel Studios
Music: Does Bombay Dream Of Nola by Sandunes courtesy of Saavn
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