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Celebrating 100 years of Chanel N°5 with Factory 5 collection

Yes, N°5 now comes in a paint tube, tea tin, and burette.

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Photo by Horacio Salinas, Image Courtesy:

Haven’t we all been fascinated by the unending appeal of Chanel N°5? Well, we sure have. And if it’s a yes from you as well, you’ll be delighted to know that Chanel has launched Factory 5 collection – seventeen cult-worthy limited-edition products inspired by everyday objects with N°5 as its sole ingredient – to celebrate N°5 and its 100 years of celebrity. Think body cream in a paint tube, body oil in a burette, and shower gel in a paint can.

While all of the Factory 5 collection revels in the N°5 scent, the eccentric, yet minimal black and white packaging has been divided into three themes i.e., a painting atelier, a garage, and a kitchen, thereby reconciling the codes of consumer goods, Chanel, and the iconic N°5. And Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur (Chanel’s head of global creative resources, fragrance and beauty) further adds,”Dressing these objects with the N°5 identity – they become luxurious, iconic products, while keeping their designs. Taking everyday products allows for a less intimidating approach and creates new opportunities for daily exposure to the absolute wonder that is N°5. Whether it’s a tube of paint, a tea tin, or a burette, all are universal, timeless objects that we have dressed in N°5’s visual codes to transfigure them.”

This concept collection also implies the return to Chanel’s first creative gesture of transforming a functional object into a desirable luxury item, after all, the very first iteration of Chanel N°5 was packaged in a simple laboratory bottle. And if you fancy getting one (or all!) of these ultimate collector’s items to join in the celebrations of 100 years of N°5, the Factory 5 collection is available at Chanel and Chanel Beauty boutiques in Delhi with delivery services pan India. For an immersive factory setting experience, follow the journey of all the products across conveyor belts here.

Store Contact Details: Chanel Beauty (Select CITYWALK, +91-7428990845)

Images & Video Courtesy: Chanel India

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