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How to get out of your wardrobe rut post-lockdown

Be ready to get your fashion mojo back!

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The ease and creative novelty from the first lockdown certainly weren’t seen anywhere during the second lockdown. Rather, it was much more of an anxious, gloomy mood.  And while we had talked about ‘how the road to happiness passes through our wardrobe?’ just weeks before the onset of the second wave, we found the joy of dressing was completely a miss this time around. From day-to-day looks to occasion specials and made-for-Instagram outfits, the good old days of dopamine dressing seemed long gone as we all heavily relied on an endless rotation of sweatsuits, PJs, and lounge co-ords with a very little focus on the sartorial quotient. Simply put, it was a case of loss of fashion mojo.

And with lockdown restrictions easing every week, the idea of putting together a look for the return to the life outside (and Instagram!) seems as exciting as overwhelming, especially since most of our friends, family, and colleagues have seen nothing more of us than a shoulder-up shot on video calls. To be honest, we belong to the no-video Zoom category.

If – like us – you are ready to tackle your wardrobe rut without giving in to your fashion and social fears, let’s begin with befriending our wardrobe again to ensure an uplifting and cheerful experience. And well, this reformed friendship is based on the ideals of reorganization, experimentation, and comfort. In case, looking at your wardrobe feels like looking at a small loungewear lake, it’s time for a cleanse and curate session i.e., reshuffle your loungewear to one end of the wardrobe and bring pre-lockdown favourites front and center along with trying out most of your clothes to make sure the fit and the sartorial charm is en pointe. If the fit doesn’t seem right or it gives you that ‘blah’ feeling, stack them at the back of your wardrobe or be willing to donate these clothes to someone who would rather enjoy them. Else, you can even try out clothing swaps among friends and family to give a second life to the pieces that you and others no longer require. And as you reorganize your wardrobe and sort those donation bags, you may see the sparks of that feel-good magic coming alive to let you know it’s time for some play session with your wardrobe.

While shopping for new designs/trends may seem like a quick-fix to recapture that sartorial imagination, the dress-up sessions that involve restyling your existing wardrobe help strengthen your sense of style with a side of creativity, fun, and sass. Though you’ll always have your nostalgia-driven pieces and favourite colours and patterns, the wardrobe playtime gives you a chance to try out different combinations of cuts, colours, and patterns to help expand your style quotient and find inspiration in day-to-day elements that you may come across in the real or virtual world. Well, the humble elements that have stirred up my sartorial imagination have had a varied range – from Spring florals to Instagram sunsets, from berries to pumpkin spice latte, and my current favourite lip colour (Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême – Endless). So, where do you look for some style inspiration? And yes, nothing is off-limits when it comes to serving up some chicness.

When your fashion fears push back in this quest to recapture the feel-good magic, loungewear will seem like a more familiar and comfortable choice. So, go ahead and choose your sweats, but do the unexpected and balance off the loungewear slouch with sharp and streamlined pieces (like a longline blazer, ankle boots, classic pumps, and more) to make your go-to lounge pieces look effortlessly elegant. Yes, that does mean sweatpants can look and feel elegant too! And you can find many more style suggestions to add that chicness and flair to your loungewear here. Last but not least, you need to season your outfits with jewels and accessories. You know, something as simple as a headband, a scarf, or even good old layered chains can help you feel a little more polished and put together. Else, there’s always red lipstick to turn things around.

So, dress well, experiment with your wardrobe, and block out the unnecessary noise. And soon, we all would be reveling again in the feel-good magic of clothes – one snazzy outfit at a time! Until then, remember you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.

P.S. We are currently in a love-hate relationship with jeans. What about you?

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