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Celebrating Diversity And Sexuality With KOYTOY

Inspired by and for the LGTBQIA+ world.

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Image Courtesy: KOYTOY

On the occasion of Pride month, Kunaal Kyhaan launches KOYTOY, a lifestyle and fashion brand, with an aim of creating a safe space to celebrate diversity and sexuality and enable inclusivity.

Kunaal Kyhaan, Founder & Creative Director – KOYTOY

Inspired by and for the LGTBQIA+ world, the first collection has been created for those who are unperturbed by the expectations of colour, gender, and sexuality. And to keep the energy levels high and hormones raging, the collection is essentially a curated drop of semi-precious stone pendants and logo-weaved body harnesses – with an echo of big, bold, and vibrant aesthetics. Talking about the label and inaugural drop, Kyhaan mentions, “Self-expression in the form of personal style is therapy. And exquisite clothes and jewellery that trace our ancestral logs of the eloquent styles of Maharajas and Ranis is the KOYTOY way of life.” And this mood will further be reflected in the future drops with complex indigenous textiles, intricate prints, and luxury living.

Well, if you are all about unabashed boldness with a side of elegance, KOYTOY is what you need to make your wardrobe a wondrous marvel of playfulness and sexual positivity.

Happy Pride 2020!

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