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Daydreaming About Desert With CHANEL

Playing with a mirage of peach, brown, and mauve…

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Amidst the galore of jaw-dropping bright hues and rhinestones fanfare, CHANEL brings back the calm and peaceful energy to the makeup with its Spring/Summer 2020 collection – Desert Dream – just as Lucia Pica, CHANEL’s global creative makeup and color designer, aspired for as she developed the collection inspired from her photographic trip to the center of the ancient desert.

On her journey through the desert, Pica was initially drawn to its famous orange dunes, sacred cave paintings, and lunar plains but the powerful stillness of the desert made her shift her gaze towards the quieter hues of the quartz, basalts, and shales scattered across the desert floor, softly vibrating under the relentless sun. And she chose to work with a Polaroid camera for the journey to bring out the colors and dreamlike quality of the desert to life. “The muted colors of the desert and the muted tones of Polaroid come together to create a palette that exemplifies calm. And those combinations of pinks, purples, and mauves opened up into grey-brown and peach, creating an entirely new color range.”, she added. The sensual soft focus and painterly abstractions of the desert and Polaroids have been translated into a pink-beige highlighter, cool brown and mauve kohl/eyeliners, soft mauve and rich pink-hued eye shadow quadrants, orange-pink and rosewood lip colors, nail colors in mauve variations, and more.

Well, Lucia Pica’s DESERT DREAM can truly be characterized by peachy-rose tones, cool browns, and the romantic undercurrents of mauve, alongside metallic textures, that echo the desert’s beauty and hidden treasures. So, when you play around with this muted, yet rich and vibrant collection – like adding mysterious, mauve intensity to the eyes, warm brown light on the high cheeks, and red-hot desert heat on the lips – you set yourself up with a feminine, earthy and subtle summer vibe. To daydreams and sunshine!

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