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Chic Gadgets For The Girl With A Suitcase

So cute. So small. So perfect. Coolest gadgets for girls who travel in style.

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Artwork: Shaista Syed/Runway Square

Fine, you know where your hard earned cash goes. Into the new Matt & Nat bag (yay, for vegan bags!) and classic pair D’ior D’orsays. But hello, if you’re still carrying that semi-boring black-cased power bank alongside them, you’re just lazy when it comes to investing in high standard tech.

I’ll say this, make sure your gadgets ooze chic because life’s too short to be just basic. Time to upgrade and time to check out the fun-est things your travel can do with- because adulting is tough and you really need fashion to marry function. And to be honest, these beauties will make your Airbnb look lived in, in a cute, sexy, useful way.

JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic, Rs 1,699

Bee-Tee-dub, I only love this beauty because of the colour it came in. #truestory. And to think of waking up to our favourite Camila Cabello song to this – is just bliss! Plus, not just teal it comes in some delicious hues – from yellows to oranges to pinks.

Forever21 Rhinestone Headphones in Peach, Rs 1,499

You know, I think nothing beats Beyonce-style embellished headphones and when I spotted them on Forever21, I was just that lady in red dress emoji trying to do that jiggy.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer, Rs 7,999

HP Sprocket Z3Z92A Portable Photo Printer

Printing photos directly from your phone or tablet has to be the new black. So say hello to the Sprocket that does all the work for you and stays stylish through it all.

Fitbit Charge Heart Rate and Activity Wristband, Rs 7,999

Mid-year and new motivation, this beauty and these colours, should inspire you to do more. Right? Right! Because you need to get your heart rate up in the most stylish way possible.

Lexon Flip On/Off Alarm Clock , Rs 4,095

Great to have by your bedside, great to even travel with it – now that’s the cute machine am talking about. This bubblegum pink beauty is just right because it comes with a snooze light and is so lightweight.

Crosley Turntable with Bluetooth, Rs 10,401

Chic Gadgets

Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth

If your home has cactuses and dreamcatchers with a side of hammocks, then say hello to the fourth edition of chic, the Crosley vinyl player. Comes in all those cutesy retro shades and meets your music preferences head-on. Oh and comes ready to be carried like a suitcase!

Fred & Friends Fred Little Big Fan USB Pink, Rs 2,221

Feeling hot all the time – especially dealing with Indian summers? Then you must try this super fun fan that is cute, portable and space-saving in every way.  What’s even better? You can even take it to your workplace!

WD My Passport 4 TB Portable Hard Drive , Rs 8,999

Big, bad and colourful – that’s how I’d describe this beauty. Easy to carry and so durable, this WD Hard Drive comes with a capacity of 4TB, keeps your data secured and comes with password protection with hardware encryption. Bingo!

Fujifilm SQ6 Instax Square Instant Camera, Rs 8,800

We’re simply done with the usual Fuji Instax cameras now. 2018 belongs to this beauty – the Instant camera that comes with 6 shooting modes, automatic flash, and even a selfie mode. Hurrah, for awesome! It even comes with three color filters to use over the flash to give your shots an extra cool tint. Sweet!

Have a gadget you think we need to add to this story? Ping us and tell us. After all, we’re all ears and totally greedy to get our hands on the next big thing!
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