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Ekaanta: A Mindversity on the Ganges

Where the journey of mindfulness begins…

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Ekaanta's Ganga Ghaat Side, Image Courtesy: Ekaanta

A restored haveli in Haridwar enveloped by the dense verdure of Uttarakhand forest on one side and the raging, but calm river Ganga on the other makes a perfect spot for ’a mindversity on the Ganges’ – EKAANTA. This recently opened holistic wellness retreat promises a senatorial and uplifting journey of mindfulness, self-awareness, and gratitude i.e. a soul-replenishing, immersive yet quiet experience.

Ekaanta haridwar
The Ekaanta Vista
Ekaanta haridwar
Presidential Suite

Inspired by the restorative principles of nature and science, Ekaanta has created a world where ancient wisdom meets modern science, calmness learns to thrive, and inner wellness shines through. And they do this by carefully curated 2 night/3 day experiences that cater to a small cohort of people amidst serene ambiance, clean air, and greenery all around. You even get to experience spiritual tranquility and peace at the banks of the Ganga – where you can meditate, do yoga, and birdwatch with a famed ornithologist local to the area. And later, indulge your heart and body with a menu that’s wholesome, nutritious, and exclusively catered for your stay. Simply put, these three days are all about quiet, calming, and reflective escape for the mind, body, and soul from the chaos of the external.

Ekaanta haridwar
Academic Area
Ekaanta Haridwar

From forest walks to yoga at the river bank, from a movie under the stars to meditation and mindfulness workshops – if your idea of a fresh yearly start involves a transformative wellness experience, then Ekaanta is where the journey of a purposeful and healing 2023 begins. Well, there’s nothing better than a quick refresher as the new year begins!

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