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Fashion Brands Step Up In Support of Australian Bushfire Relief

Raising funds for the land down under.

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Balenciaga Koala Hoodie for Australian Bushfire Relief Support

In the last four months, wildfires have unleashed unthinkable horrors in Australia. These fires have killed over a billion animals, burned over 12 million acres of land, and taken the lives of 25 people and counting. And in the wake of these helpless times, celebrities, brands and civilians alike have taken action to aid Australian fire and wildlife rescue services.

Amidst the fashion circle, many Australian brands made the first move by donating the sales of a day, weekend or even a week to support the relief efforts. Réalisation Par, With Jéan, She Made Me, Faithful The Brand, Nelson Made, Brie Leon, Le Specs, Alex Perry, Zimmermann, and Christopher Esber are few of the many native supporters. In addition, the resort wear brand She Made Me is creating Bird and Wildlife Rescue Nets for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild with the help of its artisan partners in Bali. And Nelson Made will continue to give to WIRES, Victorian Country Fire Association and NSW Rural Fire Service for the remaining of January, donating 20% of all profits.

Following a spate of donations, the luxury crew stepped up to donate proceeds for the bushfire relief. And one of the first to make a commitment was Kering who not just donated $ 1 million Australian dollars but also pledged to participate in future reforestation and biodiversity programs. Beside Kering, the Estée Lauder Companies and PVH Corp. (Parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) have pledged $200,000 and $100,000 respectively to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund. Even, shoppers at Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Van Heusen stores across Australia can contribute to the fund, without having to make a purchase.

Balenciaga Koala Australian bushfire relief
Balenciaga Koala Hoodie & T-shirt available exclusively on their website.

In a rally to support Australian bushfire relief efforts, few fashion brands have unveiled apparel and jewellery in order to donate all the proceeds from their sales to different relief organizations. The koala has emerged to be emblematic of native wildlife suffering amidst catastrophic Australian bushfires. The vulnerability of these cuddly koalas has caught the eyes of the world which is why it isn’t surprising to see the charitable merchandise to be centered on them – be it Balenciaga unisex koala t-shirt and hoodie or Misho koala charms. Other than that, we also have New York-based Krost helping to increase awareness around climate change through their climate change t-shirt, all the proceeds from the sales of which will be donated to the Australian Red Cross.

While it’s easy to feel helpless in such ravaging situations, never forget that every little bit counts. There are a whole lot of people in this world and well, there’s always power in numbers. So, go ahead and make a donation while supporting these generous brands at the same time. Or you can also donate directly through these organizations – Australian Red Cross, WIRES, WWF Australia, and The Salvation Army Australia – to help the Australian bushfire relief efforts. Remember, even the smallest number matters!

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