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Meet Fashion World’s Pets Who Travel in Style

Around The World with a Whole Lot of Panache

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Image Source : Marc Jacobs/Instagram

With holiday season in full swing, you might look up to your favourite fashion celebrities, designers or influencers for a lesson on travel style, but it’s their much more famous four-legged creatures that you need to follow for a lesson on how to travel in style.

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Choupette Lagerfeld, Neville Jacobs and Audrey Versace. These are the most pampered, fashion-forward pets of Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace respectively. For them, travelling in private jets or staying in luxury hotels seems to be a normal affair. While Choupette (@choupettesdiary) is a classic Chanel cat, Audrey (@audrey_versace) is glamourous Versace pet dog who travels with more luggage than you and your family on vacation. Talking about luggage, even Nicolas Ghesquiere’s dogs Achille and Leon (@nicolaghesquiere) travel with their own Louis Vuitton bags.

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Achille and Léon neither seen nor known ?? #leonmydog #achillemydog

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Then there is Lady Marks Defrancesco (@lovethatlady, Char Defrancesco’s pet dog) who accompanies her handsome brother Neville Jacobs (@nevillejacobs) on their trips to St. Barts and Paris and like any other girl, her travel outfit is on point, courtesy a Comme des Garcons poncho. When it comes to holidaying in style, Matilda Ferragni is as much an influencer as her mother, Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni). After all, you don’t spot a cute dog holidaying in Alps and wearing a dusty pink puffer unless they have a great pawsonal style.

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Our family Christmas Eve ?? #TheFerragnez

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As we continue to live in the animal’s world, make sure that these most adored pets of the fashion world are your travel inspiration for all your vacations ever.

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