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Goodbye Avo Toasts: Say Hello To Some Fun (And Bizarre) Instagram Food Trends We’re Craving In 2018!

From Unicorn Noodles To Coffee in Cones, pretty food that needs no extra filters is here!

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Dear Avo Toast, we loved you, we lived with you for a good year or two. Slathered you with love and lots of chili flakes and Himalayan salt. Now, the time has come to say goodbye. We are now, moving onto our best phase, just like Priyanka Chopra. We found the Nick-Jonas equivalent of Insta-foods – new, trending and oh-so-yummy.

Yeah sure, we’ll come back once in a while to drown ourselves in your warm, buttery embrace but for now, there’s a colourful (Pink toasts #ftw) world that awaits us. And we’re curious to try everything on this new digital smorgasbord.



Now that our warm byes are out of the way, we’re happy to inform you that ever since our Insta-addiction began, every single week has been about finding that elusive quirky fare. In 2018, we have a bunch of Instagram food trends that are totally going to make our pictures pop and take our tastebuds to the top. Okay, we’ll stop with the rhyming, but you get the gist. Here’s all the food that’s nothing less than magic onscreen and we’re trying them soon.

Whey protein Everything

The best way to start a Monday….a big old chocolate messy oat bowl ? The recipe is 60g Oats •tbsp @pbfit.official • cocoa powder • half tsp baking powder (key to getting the best texture oats) I also added grated courgette and then microwaved and added in scoop of @panutritionuk whey. Topped with @skinnyfoodco zero calorie chocolate syrup ? Have a fab day everyone! More sunshine in England today, yay! It was so nice yesterday just lying in the park with a picnic enjoying it all! Can’t beat a good picnic! I’m also hoping to hear if I’m going to be moving into my new house this week today, eeek! • • • #whey #protein #foodporn #chocolate #foodblogger #iifymgirls #intuitiveeating #strengthfeed #bbg #eeeeeats #feedfeed #girlswholift #proats #oats #oatporn #recipeshare #peanutbutterbaby #zoats #mondaymotivation #oatmeal #skinnyfoodco

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Why whey, you ask? Protein guys! And loads of it. That’s why every food blogger and health blogger worth their salt is using this powder in everything – from smoothies, oats bowls, pancakes and more.

Colourful Poke Bowls

Dump everything you can think of – edamame, mango, pomegranate, salmon and whatnot and you have a fresh, healthy meal on-the-go. Experiment with as many coloured foods as possible!

Magic Noodles 

Springs Pastels > Everything. Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Passover or just being an April Fool- here are some unicorn noodles to make your weekend a little brighter. All natural coloured rice noodles made with a few plant based ingredients (purple cabbage, lime juice, baking soda)- you can find the recipe for these in my newsletter archive- link in bio bebes. #veganfood . . . . . . . . . #vegan #plantbased #veganrecipes #veganfoodshare #veganfoodporn #unicornnoodles #unicorn #unicornfood #? #feedfeed #wholefoods #wholefoodsfaves #happyeaster #easterfood #noodles #vegansofig #bestofvegan #healthyfood #veganrecipes #whatveganseat #vegetarian #glutenfree #rainbownoodles #torontofood #tofoodies #pastels #kidsfood #toronto #noodles #givemethatplant

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Unicorn noodles, magic noodles – they’re all the same. These are gluten-free and fun – add a dash of lime to change their colour. The glass noodles are soaked in butterfly pea flower tea or beets and lo, you have this beauty!

Ramen Burger 

Ramen lovers dance the jig. When a succulent patty melts with cheese and scallions in between two neat rounds of Ramen that’s grilled to good perfection, you’re set. *Insert mouth-watering emoji.

Coffee in Cones

Yep, that’s basically it. And it won’t melt just yet, guys!

Pink toast

#breakfastgoals #pinktoast #isitpartofmydietplanthough

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 Low-carb diets and no gluten have led to this beauty – we heard that in 2018, Marks and Spencer will roll out high protein, low carb veggie breads in colours including beetroot, courgette and red pepper. But you could also make your own by adding beetroot hummus. 

Mushroom Latte

They call it the caffeine kick without the jitters. Mushroom coffee is simple – Arabica coffee is blended with fungi including Lion’s Mane and Chaga, both known to boost metabolism and improve brain power. 
Now that the adorable food is up for grabs, what are your favourite Instagram food trends these days? Tell us, or ping us on our Instagram.
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