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Here Are 10 Ways To Liven Up Your Winter Outfits With Scarves

It’s starting to feel warmer and chicer already!

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Srishti Bhatia, Image Courtesy: @stylefashionetc/Instagram

With chilly winds and dropping temperature, chunky knit, sweatshirts or even coats aren’t enough to reach the intended level of cozy yet chic. Hence, we need to bring back the trusted winter scarves from their deep summer sleep to amp up the levels. These cold weather staples surely sort out the cozy factor of an outfit. But to embrace them with an oh-so-fresh style, we decided to start a style search through Instagram for ways to spice up winter ensembles with a wrapped, knotted, draped, caped or belted scarf in a very aesthetically pleasing way. And well, you can find those scarf-styling ideas below with a big RSQ seal of approval. So, get ready to celebrate this winter with a whole lot of warmth and chicness!

Blair Eadie Scarves Style
Blair Eadie, Image Courtesy: @blaireadiebee/Instagram

Hit the monochrome mania by opting for tonal-matching between your chunky woolen scarf and the classic winter pairing of oversized jumper and leggings.

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That truffle and faux fur life. ?

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Make a big fashion statement with a jumbo scarf draped over the shoulders or tied around the chest. Extra style points if your scarf comes with a jumbo logo as well.

For all the black fanatics, mix the elegance of an all black outfit with a warm-hued scarf for added charm.

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Messy classy ? #dailystyle

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Though technically not a scarf, double jumper trick is certainly one of the easiest style tricks of the season. And remember, you’ll always get the best style cues from your grandparents.

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Continuing with style cues from grandparents, we also have the good old way of knotting the scarf around the chin make a fashion comeback. Well, it doesn’t really get better than this!

For a rather ‘check out my scarf’ moment, simply drape the scarf over one shoulder and even, add a belt for a bit of waist nipping. This one’ll especially helps in case of a worn out coat.

Co-ords definitely top the winter essential list. And just like Olivia Palermo, finish off your warm-toned co-ords with a cool blue scarf for an extra dose of elegance.

If you manage to get your hands on a blanket scarf, drape it over as a cape rather than wrapping it around. And by the way, caped scarves fit particularly well with tailored suits.

In case toasty shades aren’t your thing, you can pair up your brightest jumper with a rainbow scarf; not for the fashion shy!

For cool, gangsta vibes amidst below zero temperature, take up a squared-shaped scarf and wrap around forming a triangle at the front. A paisley-patterned scarf really truly adds to the overall vibe.

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