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Use Your Insta-Stalking Skills To Plan Holidays. Make Top Indian Instagrammers Your Guide.

Use your Instagram stalking skills for planning the next vacation.

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Indian blogger and Instagrammer Santoshi Shetty's timeline is filled with gorgeous destinations and equally stunning outfits.

Planning itineraries for our travels has always been a task – a big fat one that we have no time or patience for. First, it’s the multiple Google searches and travel websites that have too much information that we’re literally scraping through every SEO-laced article. Then, it’s the ideas to plan out into a legit timeline that fits within your work-life balance scale and well, then come, friends, you want to blackmail into giving you their tips and tricks.

This year, it’s not about finding that smart travel agent, not about begging a friend on pass on their itineraries – we found you a new resource that will not only help plan a kickass trip but show you unknown, unheard of places in a jiffy. Fellow traveler, meet Instagram’s bookmark feature. Now, you can curate an exclusive vacation for yourself covering local experiences, offbeat places, and even, Insta-worthy options like millennial foods to try and cool people you can meet.

With geotags and hashtags available on posts and stories, it gets easier to explore different restaurants and locations and you can easily save your favorites in collections. But most importantly, you need to follow right accounts on your Instagram feed that is inspiring and helpful enough to get your plans ready for your next vacation. With that in focus, here are our favorite Indian Instagrammers – travel bloggers, photographers, and fashionistas, who will help put your travel style and plans in motion.

Creative Coupling

With a beautiful curation of travel and fashion, Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) have made their Instagram feed a one-stop solution. You can find top getaways in India and around the world, budget experiences, off-the-hook locations plus some major style inspiration on their feed. But my favorite is their behind-the-scenes account (@bruisedpassports_bts) where you can find posts from their readers who have visited places on their suggestions or recreated their images or outfits.

Adventure Seekers

If you love mountains and trekking, then Abhinav Chandel (@abhiandnow) and Neelima Vallangi (@neelimav) need to be your go to the source. While Abhinav mesmerizes you with images of hills of the North and his poetry, Neelima explores the untouched terrains of India. If mountains are not your choice but you still love adventurous, thrill-seeking experiences, then go check Jyotsna Ramani’s feed (@wanderwithjo) for most unusual experiences around the world like hiking up to the Suicide Cliff in Hong Kong.

Vegan Travellers

With a true nomadic, vegan soul, Shivya Nath (@shivya) takes you through local cultures and experiences around the world whilst promoting sustainable travel. If you follow a vegan lifestyle and ever find it difficult to get food from any corner of the world, you can always check her feed or her food-focused account (@nomadicvegan) for more details.

Luxury Travelers

Wanna know how the Hilton Giardini fares over Hotel Royale Villa in Paris? Ask the experts, Charles and Revathi (@Different Doors), who seem to know how things work in the luxury section of travel. Their adventures also talk about interesting travel accessories and the best services in the travel industry that you can avail.

Smart Urban Travelers

From flying in business class to staying in luxurious hotels, fine dining restaurants to cafes. You will find well-curated experiences for luxury travelers on Riaan George’s Instagram (@urbaneyebyrg). Not just that, he also makes sure that your style is on point when traveling, be it for business or leisure.

Fashion-Forward Travelers

While your itinerary gets sorted, don’t forget to dig up some serious style inspiration, courtesy the likes of Sonam Babani (@fashioneiress) and Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty). They have your airport looks and street style game sorted with their easy yet high on sass looks. They also show you how to pick certain pieces from Indian brands or designers whenever traveling abroad to add local flavors to your outfits. Whenever talking about style, you can’t ignore Kapoor & Co. (Sonam & Rhea Kapoor, Kareena & Karisma Kapoor) who are currently serving major style and squad goals in London.

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