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If You Didn’t Instagram Photos With Funnest Pool Floats Then Did You Even Holiday?

We’ve handpicked the coolest ones to ensure maximum envy.

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Taking a break from our hyper-scheduled lives isn’t easy – saying no to that important phone call from work, missing that Salmon-everything brunch by your BFF or living away from a laptop. You see, we belong to the wellness industry that’s not about pretzel-yoga poses or attending barre classes in a high-rise studio – we like hanging by the pool, drink in hand, Instagram-scrolling on the other hand and just facing the sun with loads of sunscreen slathered on.  That’s the way we take a much-needed break.

But our holiday pool day isn’t nearly complete without our trusted accessories – namely, pool floats. Because, nothing says a languid holiday like a pink drink, Dior sunnies and a unicorn float that says “I don’t care for that ex-boyfriend or that excel sheet”. So we scoured the net to find us some float love and chanced upon everything from Rosé wine bottles to rainbows (because at some point we all wanted to ride one). Even a Pineapple float and fun drink holders, for those looking for respite from pink-laden ideas.

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