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Jazz Up Your Home with These Six Indian Homeware Brands

Well, ready for some serious décor inspiration?

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Suite No. 8 Tablescape, Image Courtesy: Suite No.8/Instagram

Let’s be honest, none of us ever imagined spending as much time at home as we did in the last two years. And we have never needed nooks and corners more in our lives and homes as we do now, especially to spark joy and hold us with warmth. With our homes taking on the role of our workspace, favourite restaurants, cinema halls, and more, the living room, the desk, the walls, and all other spaces are in the need of some special attention to create a calm and inviting sensorial appeal. So, to stay one step ahead of the needs of our beautifully distinctive homes, we have unveiled below some of the most gorgeous Indian homeware brands to help you spruce up your homes. From modern Indian handmade ceramics to whimsical décor pieces and minimalist furniture – there’s something uniquely delightful for every home and every aesthetic.

Ah! Well, ready to awaken the décor enthusiast in you?


SPIN indian homeware

A rebel by design, SPIN is a Made-In-India homeware brand that believes in exploring fresh possibilities by giving a spin to existing forms. With their design ethos rooted in Japanese and Nordic minimalism mixed with modern industrial process, they are on a mission to create accessible products that infuse creativity, cleanliness, and utility in our homes. And the creation of these simple, yet exciting products lies in the fusion of traditional metal (Cold-Rolled Aluminium) and wood (Oak, Ash, & Mango Wood) with new-age technologies and processes – giving way to their signature minimal industrial design language. To bring in this edgy utilitarian spirit of SPIN home, check out their conversation-starter pieces like Pie Table, Tres Candle Holder, Cairo Sofa, and Cabo Barstool for an unconventional spin on your usual décor style.

Suite No.8

suite no.8 indian homeware

From dotting your home with pomegranates and evil eye to hosting a tea party with a playful polka dot set, Suite No.8’s colourful, illustrative décor collection will make an everlasting mark on the memories of all your special moments. And well, if you have been experiencing some travel FOMO lately, each of their capsule collection will allow you to check into vibrant locations/destinations/hotels through time. Like Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, El Fenn in Marrakech, the good old summer pool, Sahara Desert, and even the cosmic universe. So, bring in some charm and whimsy of your favourite destinations to your home with Luna Candle Stand, Sahara Vase, Mehrab Platter, and more. And as you follow along Suite No.8’s distinctive travels on their Instagram, be ready to be mesmerized by delightful tablescapes, scrumptious recipes, and a behind-the-scenes showcase of their handcrafted products.


khanoom jaipur indian homeware

Named after the ancient Egyptian God Khnum, who was believed to fashion living beings out of clay on his potter’s wheel, Khanoom is a Jaipur-based luxury ceramic tableware label (by Priyamvada Golcha and Simone Mark) that is rooted in storytelling and celebrating India’s rich artisanal heritage with a contemporary touch. With the idea behind Khanoom being to essentially create pottery and tableware that fuse traditional techniques with a blend of East and West sensibilities for modern-day living and to ensure that the potter’s craft continues, develops, and thrives, each piece is handcrafted by local potters and then hand-painted by Simone Marks – making every piece uniquely beautiful. And their current line of tableware is adorned with motifs inspired by the De Materia Medica encyclopedia on herbal medicine (one of the oldest pharmacological texts dating back to the first century A.D.) with a nod to India. Think monkeys plucking mangoes from a tree, bitter melons, dates, garlic, brinjals, and red chillies. So, if there’s nothing that you love and admire more than a beautifully laid-out table with your loved ones around, then slide into Khanoom’s DMs and place an order for their exceptional range of plates and goblets.

The Rugs Story

the rugs story indian homeware

With a wide array of traditional and contemporary designs for handmade carpets, The Rugs Story brings forward the tales and masterpieces of artisanal craftsmanship from different parts of India. And well, they do have a personalized rug-making process where you can choose your design, material, and colour preferences along with the weaving technique and get a custom carpet that’ll fit right into your fashion-forward spaces. Not just that, they offer much more sustainable and affordable hemp rugs and also mug rugs to cozy up your mugs in this cold weather. And adding another distinctive category to their portfolio, The Rugs Story offers personalized pet-friendly rugs made from natural fibers like hemp, jute, and sisal, thereby giving everyone an opportunity to indulge in some fabulously cozy experience.

Tablescape by EE

Launched in 2021 by Chef and Restauranteur Eeshan Kashyap, Tablescape by EE is an online concept store focusing on tableware that’s been designed, sourced, and presented with love. And this tableware collection is a true expression of diverse materiality, functionality, forms, and finishes, thereby creating a new visual vocabulary. While Eeshan Kashyap has placed a major emphasis on pottery, their collection also includes brass bowls, crystal candlestands, resin plates, woven metal baskets, and more. Though most of these handmade tableware pieces come in their conventional shapes, a few of them have been interestingly conceptualized – like The Modern Matka, The Flame Stand/Bowl, The Moon Vase, or The Anagama Void Sculpture. With bold, artful, and offbeat aesthetics, Tablescape by EE has managed to explore and create with ceramic, fabric, metal, wood, resin, and semi-precious stones, providing a creative feast for your table and soul. Well, who wouldn’t want to lay out a table with crochet-inspired teal dinner plates and moonscape-inspired 18kt gold-coated brass plates? We certainly do!

Ikai Asai

ikai asai indian homeware

Inspired by the creative spirit of human beings, Ananya Birla and Kanupriya Verma established Ikai Asai intending to uncover the hidden craft communities of India and enable an equitable collaborative ecosystem between artisans, artists, and designers in India. And with their craft and design ecosystem being a true example of duality between old-world charm and modern innovations, they have spotlighted many a craft through their collections – from terracotta to Kansa, from Longpi pottery to Tangliya weave and block printing. Each of their collections represents a particular mood and explores a unique material/craft; while being co-created by an artisan and designer pairing. Like, Architect Dharmesh Jadeja and Longpi pottery artisan Matthew Sasa created Deva (a black and gold collection that features Kansa and Longpi tableware pieces), and designer Rina Singh worked with spinners, weavers, and dyers around Gujarat and Rajasthan to explore block printing and hand-dyeing techniques for the floral motifs and pastel tones of Lila. With creative collaborations and craft becoming the essential brand paradigms, Ikai Asai’s context and concept became its USP, putting it far ahead of the curve. And yes, we sure can’t stop wondering which artisan and designer pair will next strike that perfect balance of Ikai Asai’s raw and refined and bold and minimal aesthetic. So, if you know, please care to share.

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