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Experience The Holistic Beauty Movement with No.1 de Chanel

It’s skincare, makeup, and fragrance – featuring Red Czar Camellia.

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No.1 de Chanel Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum. Image Courtesy: Chanel

Yes, Chanel and camellia have crossed their Cs for eternity, especially since Gabrielle Chanel dearly loved camellias and considered them lucky. The motifs of camellia decorated her apartment and were a continuous feature in her collections. Even today, the white camellia remains one of Chanel’s most recognizable and iconic emblems. From being embroidered into gowns to encrusted in diamonds or pearls and highlighted in beauty products, the white camellia makes an appearance throughout fashion, jewellery, and beauty collections. But for their most significant and ambitious beauty launch, Chanel has chosen to put the spotlight on the lesser-known varietal – Red Czar Camellia.

No.1 de Chanel Red Camellia
No.1 de Chanel Red Camellia Revitalizing Serum

Titled No.1 de Chanel, it’s a nine-piece collection that encompasses skincare, makeup, and fragrance with a more minimalist and holistic approach to beauty. As breathtaking as the red camellia is, it’s the camellia’s unique skin revitalizing property that really powers the collection. After a decade of research, Chanel has harnessed the highly concentrated protocatechuic acid (an antioxidant) from red camellias to create the collection’s hero ingredient – red camellia extract. According to Chanel, this active ingredient prevents and corrects the appearance of the five signs of ageing for a revitalized skin and radiant glow. And by putting this skin-benefiting innovation at the forefront, Chanel has presented the ultimate beauty capsule collection with everything you could need for healthy, happy skin with a refreshing glow. From Red Camellia Revitalizing Cream and Serum to Red Camellia Powder-To-Foam Cleanser, from a second-skin effect Red Camellia Revitalizing Foundation to multi-use Red Camellia Revitalizing Lip & Cheek Balm and L’Eau Rouge Revitalizing Fragrance Mist (with a skincare base of camellia water) – each product caters to create a fuss-free beauty routine with formulas that are up to 97% natural or naturally-derived and utilize camellia-derived ingredients (red camellia extract, oil, and water) in higher concentrations.

No.1 de Chanel Collection

Putting sustainability front of the mind and collection, organic inks have been introduced, paper leaflets and cellophane packaging removed, refillable options introduced (for Revitalizing Cream), some lids made using the camellia seeds to reduce waste, and more than 80% of red and white packaging made from recyclable glass – marking Chanel’s welcome steps into eco-conscious beauty production with No.1 de Chanel.

After 100 years of No.5, Chanel is taking it back to No.1. And with the launch of No.1 de Chanel, Chanel has given us one of the most exciting beauty moments of 2022 that celebrates their new three-dimensional vision of beauty i.e., a new way forward in looking after both your body and soul, from the skin to mind. So, let’s revel in the mystique of red camellia and experience some springtime in this chilly winter with No.1.

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