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Jewellery Designer Mrinalini Chandra Collaborates With Candy Crush Saga

We’re on level 98 of excitement! Read on to find out what this collection will entail.

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Mrinalini Chandra Candy Crush Saga

And we’re on level 98 of joy! Read on to find out what this collection will entail.

Mrinalini Chandra Candy Crush Saga

Mrinalini Chandra

Runway Square: Hey Mrinalini, congratulations on this super fun collaboration! What should we expect from it?

Mrinalini Chandra: Thank you so much! I can barely contain my excitement. This is going to be a very quirky collection! It was quite a challenge to design this one as the game is a phenomenal success and I wanted to live up to its fans’ expectations. Having said that, we are having a lot of fun designing Candy Crush themed jewellery!

RSq: What’s the best part about this collection?

MC: The best part is that its “Candy Crush Saga”.It’s such an incredible game.  It’s been designed with utmost attention to detail and so unique in every aspect!  Was truly amazing to be a part of this journey with Kings and Candy crush and Dream Theatre Pvt Ltd.

RSq: Who do you think this collection will appeal to?

MC: Everyone who has played the game and loved it! I’m hoping I am Able to offer something for every Candy Crush fan!

RSq: Did the child in you jump up and down 100 times when this collaboration was finalised?

MC: Yes! Yes! Yes!



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