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This Shapeshifter + Dior Video Is Love And You Gots To Watch It

We saw the style-chameleon Kayaan Contractor aka Shapeshifter’s latest video featuring Dior’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection and we fell in love.

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Kayaan Contractor - shapeshifter - dior

Shapeshifter X Dior

One of our favourite fashion-forward girls Kayaan Contractor aka Shapeshifter has dropped a fantastic new fashion video featuring Dior’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection and we fell in love with it the second we watched it. And obviously, we had questions so we asked and she answered. This is how it went –

Charu Gaur: Why does Kayaan want to be a shapeshifter?

Kayaan Contractor: I’ve always been fascinated with the term ‘shapeshifter’, and everything that it stands for and means. To transform into something at will is probably a super power I’d love to have. Fashion too, has its shifts through trends and eras, and I feel that to move with the times, and change with it and mold with it is something I want to be able to put a voice to. I want to be able to shape-shift and experiment with styles, trends and the whole fashion game in general.

CG: What do you aspire to achieve with the new platform?

KC: The reason I started Shapeshifter was that I saw that everyone was just doing the same thing over and over, be it a mural or pretty wall in some corner of the city, or the streets. I love going out of my comfort zone to look up places and find the most amazing locations – this not only makes for pretty (er) pictures and better backgrounds, it’s also showing people that there are places within and around our own city that have been untouched.

I find the most amazing trails and trek locations that people have hardly heard of, only to let everyone know that there are places to go to and things to do right in your backyard, rather than getting on a plane to some exotic location to get away to.

CG: What do collaborations mean to you and how do you seek collaborators? 

KC: When I collaborate with certain brands and people, I always first see if our aesthetics match – because, whats the point of just collaborating if it’s not something that interests you, or if interested don’t match?

When I work with a team, everyone’s free to do as they please – of course, ideas are bounced off, everyone’s on the same page, and it’s always a happy time – after all, whats the point of collaborating if only one or two people are calling the shots? What I see in collaborators is definitely like-mindedness.

CG: Who would you love to team up with?

KC: At the rate we are going, and to be super honest, I’d love to team up with Facebook, Instagram and Apple – I know these aren’t ‘fashion’ brands, but these are platforms and tools, especially in today’s day and age, that are so instrumental for just about anything.

CG: What do you think of Dior’s PreFall 17 collection? What are the 3 pieces you love?

KC: I loved the zodiac embroidered tulle dresses. Another favorite was the heart shaped bag, and I feel like the j’adior/DIOR hardware on all the accessories has really done a number on me – I love the sturdiness of all the hardware.

CG: What do you want people to feel after watching this video?

KC: I don’t know what I’d want another person to feel, but when I first saw the video myself, I couldn’t even believe that we achieved that grade, that quality of perfection – the sound, the edits, the colors – it has such a (fulfilling) international vibe to it.

I want people to know that quality runs the world over quantity any day, all you have to do is have the best team, put your best foot forward, and work your ass off!


Video: Elvis D’Silva
Sound: Sonaluna
Fashion: Akshay Tyagi
Photography: Akshay Tambe
Makeup: Shamita Gogia
Hair: Justine Rae Mellocastro
Fashion Assistants: Riddhi and Mayor

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