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Now Get The Givenchy Style Smokiest Smokey Eyes In Just Three Steps

Smokey Eyes Have Never Been This Easy

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Photo Courtesy: Givenchy Beauty

What’s a perfect Smokey Eye look? In my book, it’s part sexy and part mysterious. It should literally give a minor complex to the onlooker. There should be an instant respect for your eye makeup game but should take you only a few minutes to achieve the slay. That, for me, is the perfect smokey eye look. And when Givenchy’s Makeup and Colour Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes, who regularly works his magic on flawless faces like Monica Bellucci, Kristin Scott Thomas and Liv Taylor‘s gives you the step by step guide to the smokiest smokey eyes using just three products and steps, you just bow your head and extend your arms to receive the wisdom.

Before you get started with eyes, Degennes recommends to prep by applying Givenchy Acti’mine base primer and Matissime Velvet in the center of the well cleansed and moisturised face and blend the texture outwards with upward movements. Next, apply the concealer on dark circles, the outside corners of the eyes and lips, the side of the nose and the nasolabial folds, and of course, on all imperfections. Finish off using the Poudre Bonne Mine all over the face and a hint of Prisme Blush (both the shades mixed together) on the cheeks. Now, you’re ready for the smokey eye.

Smokey Eye - runway square

  1. Using brush or your fingers, apply Ombre Couture in Noir Sequin which is a luscious, sparkly cream shadow as a base on the eyelid, up to the crease. Then add the dark brown of Prisme Quatuor on top of it, blending the line gently.
Smokey Eyes

Givenchy Ombre Couture – Noir Sequin

Smokey Eyes

Givenchy Prisme Quatuor – No. 8, Braise



2. Good makeup is all about perfection. Use kohl to fill in any gaps in the eye contour & between the lashes, top and bottom waterline. Applying mascara to the top & lower lashes.

Givenchy Khôl Couture Waterproof n°1

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume No. 1

Eye Pencil and Mister Brow Filler







3. Work that brow to finish the look! With the Eyebrow Pencil, intensify the brows and fill in the gaps with hair-like strokes and lastly use Mister Brow Filler to brush the eyebrows, starting in the inner corner and working outwards.

And you’re done! No really.

**You can shop Givenchy Beauty products at Sephora and in India and at Sephora and Givenchy stand alone stores in UAE (our closest and favourite shopping destination!).

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