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The Best Places To Eat In Milan According To Gucci’s Maneka Thadani

Because who knows Milan better than the #GucciGang!

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The only thing better than a trip to Milan is a trip to Milan through food. It’s scrumptious, doubly effortless and comes with its own rules – as Maneka Thadani, Communications and Marketing Manager of Gucci India has discovered. “It is such a passion for me – I am always thrilled to share my little discoveries with others who appreciate good food, inspiring cuisine, and beautiful spaces,” explains Thadani, whose trips to the stylish city has turned into a mecca of good living. The fact that her work takes her there and that, work is Gucci, is enough reason to badger her for her reccos for the best places to eat in Milan. And Maneka, loves her food, loves eating out in Milan, and the city is almost home for her.

Where to eat in Milan

Maneka Thadani, Gucci India

What’s even better is her choices are not just about food (but definitely about avocados, you’ll see!), it’s the ambiance, the style, and the personalized decor – that to us is a complete picture. After all, we live in an age where design, food, and Instagram join together in a tango. So, want to know how this gorgeous foodie has found her peace in the city of fashion? Well, let’s go on a culinary trip with her favorites:

Paper Moon

Best restaurants in Milan

For the best Pizza in town – and what’s Italy without the thin-crusted beauty of Pizza with dipping cheese that has your tongue in a knot. And this one is not a restaurant anymore, it’s an institution with its dove grey walls and Venetian terrazzo floors. The seafood choices are aplenty, order king crabs, scallops or whole grilled lobsters and you’ll see how far they go with the recipes!

What to Try: Meringue with warm chocolate sauce – it is drool-worthy.

Carlo e Camilla

The Best Places To Eat In Milan

Under the guidance of the well known Chef Cracco, the setting in this old industrial mill is just breathtaking. All food is served in Richard Ginori crockery – super cute!

What to Try: It’s the handmade agnolotti hands down!


By far the best local Italian food – by local, we mean simple meals with just a rustic touch and interesting starters. Very Tuscan in its approach to cuisine, here’s where to go if you want all the originals – handmade pasta, the pappardelle al Telefono that’s sure to make the traffic stop.

What to Try: The all-time favorite here is the traditional Zucchini Fritters stuffed with Ricotta and the Osso Bucco served with Risotto Milanese.


You cannot go to Milan and not try the Obica Mozzarella Bar. The whole restaurant is about high quality, fresh ingredients and well, you get to try three different types of mozzarella, each distinct and unique. Well, pair these offerings with Italian wine and let the Obicà Mixologist whip up some delish cocktails too.

What to Try: Besides the Burrata which of course is a must have, head straight to the Stracciatella which is a molten version and just delicious.

10 Corso Como

The Best Places To Eat In Milan

Avocado Carpaccio at 10 Cosmo Como

The store is an institution in itself, but also a must-visit is the bookstore, the art gallery and the cafe. The cafe nestled amidst the courtyard garden is full of dishes made from seasonal ingredients.

What to Try: The best Avocado Carpaccio ever!


Because you never have enough Mexican – this place is super fun and has the best Margaritas too! We heard that this awesome place also houses 100 labels of fine tequila – now that’s a coup. The ceviche is to die for.

What to Try: Beef fajitas – simply unforgettable!


The Best Places To Eat In Milan

A patisserie for fashion addicts – that’s how you can describe this beauty. Known for its Panettone and pralines, this one also serves up some amazing tuna sandwiches.  

What to Try: For the best hot chocolate while you shop on Via Montenapoleone

Macha Cafe

The Best Places To Eat In Milan

Cute cafe in the heart of Milan serves up healthy fare that’s both Asian and Western. We heard that the smoothies are simply delicious and the Matcha tiramisu is one special dessert.

What to Try: Obsessed with the Avocado Burger here!

Straf Bar

The Best Places To Eat In Milan

It’s one helluva millennial spot – great drinks, amazing fashion, and the cool crowd included! Always, always opt for the aperitivo, the best idea to try ever. Aperitivo is unique to Italy – where you have a drink and with it, a buffet of small plates and snacks that is laid out with it and you shouldn’t miss the experience. 

What to Try: Fun Aperitivos to choose from. 

Fingers Garden

The Best Places To Eat In Milan

Best Japanese and in a beautiful setting – with great raw fish options, fresh ingredients, and dishes that have a slight Brazilian flavour.

What to Try: Anything fish.


The Best Places To Eat In Milan

Where else in the world do you get to eat in a flower store? And there are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.

What to Try: Try the Potabuffet, a complete lunch formula.


The Best Places To Eat In Milan

This concept blew my mind: Japanese Food plated with fresh seasonal Italian Ingredients.And each dish looks like a work of art! Before you book a table there, read about their philosophy and it’ll make you fall in love even before you get there. 

What to Try: Gyotaku Mackerel for sure!


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