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Mumbai Art Room Serves Freshly-Curated Exhibits To Young Collectors

Catch them young, watch them grow.

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'Fondle चिकट', Installation Photo credit: Priyank Gothwal

Art Curation: It’s a loaded term and a heavy one at that. And it isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who truly seek admission into the world of nuance and meaning in art. For those who are just about starting out in this engagement and looking for mentoring, guidance and just help in making the right choices. Look no further than the Mumbai Art Room – an iconic space that redefines the way you approach new-age art. A space that beautifully straddles next-gen curators with meaningful art so they can go out into the world and make a career in art, be the bearers of interesting art exhibitions. Indian art, therefore, is put forth with more emphasis on these curators both Indian and international and a dialogue is formed – that’s where we really see art growing and shaping up. In short: so much potential.

Patron and Board Member, Roohi Jaikishan (who’ll also host an Annual Benefit Dinner in November to support the foundation) speaks fondly about Mumbai Art Room, “I’m extremelpassionate about engaging younger collectors. Mumbai Art Room has provided a very democratic platform where entry points are not exactly formidable.”

Mumbai Art Room was founded in 2011 and it’s widely known to exhibit contemporary art, design, and visual culture from around the world and provides a non-commercial platform for artistic and curatorial practice, one that is experimental, educational, and as accessible as possible to all audiences. So what’s in store for the year? Fondle   Exhibition by Murari Jha with Devarshi  Gohil + Anubhuti Trust curated by Shaunak  Mahbubani is up first in association with Rubaroo Foundation.

Mumbai Art Room

‘Fondle चिकट’, Installation view, photo credit_ Priyank Gothwal

Curator Shaunak Mahbubani together with artist Murari Jha, illustrator Devarshi Gohil,  and Mumbai-­‐based NGOs Anubhuti Trust and Rubaroo, navigate complex questions of consent at this time in our lives with the #metoo movement in full-blown steam. Body rights? Yes, that’s the challenge.

Mumbai Art Room

Murari Jha, ‘Fondle’, Wood, Aluminium and Sensor, 2016. Photo credit: Priyank Gothwal

Shaunak Mahbubani creates a creative playground, asking pertinent questions on the body, mind and the grey area that is consent while Artist Murari Jha’s interactive sculptures talk about the body in all its glory and the challenge of owning it in the wake of the #metoo movement. Add to that, Mumbai-based NGOs Anubhuti Trust and Rubaroo attempt to who persist and inquire about the beauty/challenge of consent through unique, specially designed poster-zines and workshops.

As you can imagine, the show is on full-steam and brings in topics and ideas closer to our world and we’re more than excited to recreate that world in art and through the immaculate eyes of the curator.

Know more about the exhibition here.

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