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#RSQStyleSpotlight: Roz Kaur Decodes Her Brand of Off-centre Elegance

A glimpse of the joys of comfort and the quirks of glamour

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Roz Kaur

With #RSQStyleSpotlight, we celebrate the power of individuality with an unapologetic attitude and confidence through the many distinguished style connoisseurs. And this time, the spotlight is on Roz Kaur, a California-based pro-age stylist and diversity advocate, as she unravels her signature sartorial blend of ease and elegance, steeped in an eccentric twist of Californian cool and Indian flamboyance. Following and observing her distinctive style codes has been delightfully fascinating as she strikes a balance between culture, gender, and age in her trademark oversized glasses and creative flair. And in an email conversation with Runway Square‘s junior editor Karishma Gulyani, she gives us a glimpse of her individualistic sartorial approach, accompanied by the joys of comfort and the quirks of glamour.

Runway Square: How would you define your style?
Roz Kaur:
My style is best defined as a fusion of casual coolness with a touch of eclectic charm. It is all about mixing and matching pieces that reflect my personality and cultural influences while staying true to comfort and confidence.

RSQ: And what’s your signature outfit recipe?
Well, my signature outfit recipe usually involves a blend of Californian ease and vibrant Indian colours and patterns. Think flowy silhouettes paired with statement accessories or a classic denim piece layered with a colourful Indian-inspired scarf.

RSQ: Your Instagram features quite a mix of Indian and global designers. Which are the Indian and global designers that you love going back to?
RK: I have a soft spot for both Indian and global designers. From India, I love going back to Raw Mango for its timeless elegance. And from the global scene, I’m drawn to the innovative designs of Argent, which aims to redefine power dressing, and Dorothee Schumacher, whose designs often reflect a balance of elegance and innovation.

RSQ: And then, there’s your signature bold and eccentric play of layering with clothing and accessories. What are the archetypes of a perfect layered ensemble?
RK: The perfect layered ensemble, in my opinion, involves mixing textures, patterns, and lengths to create visual interest. Think a lightweight printed kimono over a simple tee and jeans, topped off with chunky jewellery for that added flair. 

RSQ: How do you offset the ease of sophisticated aesthetic with that tongue-in-cheek glam? What is the inspiration behind doing so?
RK: I love offsetting sophisticated aesthetics with a touch of tongue-in-cheek glam because it adds personality and whimsy to my look. It’s all about juxtaposing classic pieces with unexpected elements – like pairing a tailored blazer with a sequined skirt or adding quirky accessories to a polished outfit. 

RSQ: What’s your biggest style fixation?
My biggest style fixation is probably experimenting with different textures and prints. I’m always on the lookout for unique fabric combinations and bold patterns that add depth and dimension to my outfits.

RSQ: Being an immensely-followed digital creator, have you had to master the balance between dressing up for yourself and for Instagram?
RK: As a digital creator, I have definitely mastered the balance between dressing up for myself and for Instagram. While I stay true to my personal style, I also enjoy curating looks that resonate with my audience and inspire them to embrace their individuality. 

RSQ: And how has embracing the age and breaking the gendered norms impacted and elevated your sense of style?
RK: Embracing age and breaking gender norms has elevated my sense of style by allowing me to express myself more authentically without the fear of judgment. It is liberating to wear what makes me feel confident and empowered, regardless of societal expectations.

RSQ: Having lived across different countries and continents, which do you connect with the most in terms of style and aesthetics amongst beaches, mountains, and cities?
RK: I connect most with the city style and aesthetics, as they offer a diverse and dynamic canvas for self-expression. From the bustling streets of New York to the vibrant energy of Mumbai, urban landscapes inspire me to explore new fashion trends and ideas.

RSQ: And when travelling, do you take inspiration from the destination for your sartorial choices? If yes, could you please share an example?
RK: When travelling, I often draw inspiration from the destination for my sartorial choices. For example, if I am visiting Paris, I might opt for chic and sophisticated ensembles inspired by French street style, incorporating classic pieces with a modern twist.

RSQ: If you had to give RSQ readers a few tips on defining their style and identity, what would those be?
RK: For defining style and identity, I would encourage RSQ readers to embrace experimentation and self-discovery. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements until you find what resonates with you. Remember, style is a journey, so enjoy the process and let your personality shine through in every outfit you wear.

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