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These Silk Pillowcases Make The Concept Of Beauty Sleep A Reality. #RSQReviews

To the dreamland of flawless skin and hair!

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Photo: Dame Essentials

My simple recommendations request for silk pillowcases on Instagram was accepted and then fulfilled by the Insta Gods when a package from Dame Essentials with a pure Mulberry silk pillowcase, sleeping eye mask and a bunch of hair ties arrived on my doorstep a few days later. And ever since, I have been on a beautiful journey into the world of luxurious sleep.

Dame Essentials uses 22 momme grade 6A long thread 100 percent pure mulberry silk with a charmeuse weave for all products, giving us a perfect solution for beautiful skin and hair. Thanks to this ultra-smooth fabric, my hair is just so luscious when I wake up and there’s almost no tangling even though I have thin, long hair. Even my skin feels well-rested and hydrated since silk doesn’t absorb any moisture from our face or skin, thereby enhancing the efficiency of our serums and creams. But what was even more surprising that I didn’t even get the usual pimple I get before my period, looks like silk’s anti-bacterial and hypoallergic properties worked their magic.

Dame essentials - silk pillowcases - eye mask - scrunchies
Dame Essentials silk pillowcases, eye mask and scrunchies.

To complete the beauty sleep package, you need the silk sleeping eye mask as well. The silk eye mask feels great on the eyes, but it takes a little time getting used to. And if you work till late like me and need to make the most of the few hours you get, then it’s a real boon. Moving onto the much-underrated silk hair ties which made a huge difference to my hair. Every time I removed them from my hair, I found almost no hair on them. They simply slid through my hair without causing any hair breakage. However, one of the hair ties’ elastic came undone while I was showing it off to my mom (it took one minute to bring it back to life) but the other two are working fabulously fine.

Dame Essentials - Silk Pillowcase - Runway Square
Dame Essentials packaging

Well, Dame Essentials’ pure mulberry silk pillowcases and other goodies, even though on the pricier side, come luxuriously packaged, are great quality and a clearly easy solution to flawless skin and hair. So, go ahead and meet me in the world of luxurious sleep. And don’t forget to share which products you want us to test next!

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