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Chef Karishma Sakhrani Reminices Her Sweetest Moments In Japan

A round-up of best desserts that I ate in Japan.

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Enjoying a teddy bear ice cream!


Hokkaido Soft-Cream
The island of Hokkaido in Japan is the agricultural heart of the country and is renowned for its dairy products. I never knew how much I loved ice-
cream before this. I took more than an hour to slowly savour my soft-cream (as
they call soft-serve ice-cream there) on a snowy day in the peak of Hokkaido’s
winter. The temperature being minus ten degrees celsius made this scientifically
possible. I know it sounds crazy to be eating ice-cream in that weather but when
it’s the best ice-cream you’ve ever had and you’re not forced to rush through it
(because it will never melt), it doesn’t seem so silly!


Cream Puffs
Always been a lover of Choux pastry, Japanese cream puffs were on top of
my list of desserts to try. Cream puffs are essentially light, airy Choux pastries
split in to two and sandwiched with copious amounts of the highest quality
Hokkaido cream. The Japanese love to experiment with flavours and you can
find anything from vanilla to strawberry to banana to my favourite of all,
matcha! They’re extremely light and not unbearably sweet. The minion banana
cream puffs at Universal Studios are unmissable as are the contrastingly
sophisticated strawberry cream puffs at The Ritz Carlton, Osaka.


Of course, I bought myself a Taiyaki primarily for its potential to score big
on Instagram. But one bite in to this light, pleasingly chewy cake that was filled
with vanilla custard cream was enough to make me fall in love with it for its
flavour, texture and overall unique appeal. And to think, this was something I
picked up from my neighbourhood 7-Eleven!


Shaved ice desserts are not uncommon but what separates Kakigori from
the rest are the unique flavours that the Japanese experiment with, and the
purity of the flavours of the toppings and syrups that go over the mounds of shaved ice. The quality of ingredients is so high everywhere in Japan, that everything tastes incredible! And as a chef, I understand how important that is for something to taste good.

Chiffon Cake Sandos
I was eating cake in Japan like it was someone’s birthday everyday!
Hahaha! But it was SO good, that it was impossible not to wolf down a slice at every opportunity I got! What I especially loved were these fruit sandos you get in the convenience stores at every corner. Portable, light and bursting with flavour, it was like nothing I’d ever had before. And so simple. And so simply delicious.
Image Courtesy: Thirsty For Tea/Pinterest

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